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 You might say that you love your pet every day of the year, but it is an opportunity to shower love on them as they do for us. Pets play a vital role in our lives, from seeing-eye dogs to rehabilitation animals that help patients recover. They are valuable companions that positively affect the quality of our lives. The day is vital for brands to connect with customers, prospects, employees, and clients with campaigns. And what campaign is complete without custom merch and accessories? You can sell and make some bucks with the right customized products. You might think that your business is not related to selling pet products. Do not worry; it is the day for everyone. Your brand will get attention when you celebrate with people, pets, and personalized items.  

Why should you celebrate Love Your Pet Day: 

Over 90 million US households, i.e., 70%, have a pet. People consider them as their family members. Various research has proved that people having pets lead healthier lives; they have fewer heart issues, visit doctor less, stays home sick less, get more exercise, less depression related issues, etc. They have a positive impact on allergies, asthma, and social interactions. People with pets are also more productive, stress-free, and satisfied at work. It is not surprising that more and more organizations are allowing their employees to bring their pets to work. February twenty is a day to show appreciation toward them for making our lives better with custom items and campaigns.  

  • It humanizes your brand: The business world has cut-throat competition. Organizations try to get ahead with shady practices and unethical campaigns. People are intelligent, and they can see through your actions. They do not appreciate businesses with such acts; most do not connect with organizations on a deeper level. It results in unloyal customers and employees. However, celebrating Love Your Pet Day makes your brand more human. People can feel a connection when you give out custom-themed items and think your business is not only about making money and that you care. 

  • Competitive edge: We know it would sound contradictory to the previous point, but you must take advantage of every opportunity in this competitive business environment. Competing against big organizations with millions of dollars spent on ads is challenging. A few big companies bother about these smaller events. However, you will meaningfully connect with people celebrating the day. 

  • People will appreciate: As mentioned earlier, people consider their pets an integral part of the family. When you celebrate the day, they will feel valuable. Giving out relevant custom items will also show your gratefulness towards them. It will create goodwill which would be beneficial for your organization. 

  • Budget-friendly: Most small to medium-sized businesses struggle with marketing resources, especially money. Celebrating Love Your Pet Day with custom items is an affordable way to connect with people. You can create various themed items on a small budget. 

  • Wide-reach: Pets are popular among people, especially on social media. Their posts get tremendous likes and reach. Celebrating the day with customized products will help you get to a broad audience.     

Custom items to celebrate Love Your Pet Day: 

Although there are numerous personalized items, we present budget-friendly ones. You do not have to break the bank to customize them. 

  • Custom socks are one of the most helpful products to celebrate the day. Choose from an array of materials like cotton, polyester, wool, rayon, blended, tri-blends, lycra, etc. Custom pet socks are some of the most popular ones you can customize for the day. You can either sell or giveaway per your situation. For example, if you are a business, you can giveaway custom face socks to your employees. They will be happy to receive them. They are a perfect addition to the product line if you sell apparel and accessories. 

  • Custom keychains are small, affordable, versatile, helpful, and easy to customize for the event. They are durable and last 4-5 years; it is enough time to ingrain your organization’s name in their minds. Customize with a pet theme on one side and your logo and business name on the other. The gesture will bring a lot of attention to your business. 

  • Custom patches are another straightforward and cost-effective method to reach people. They can use them on many clothes and accessories like t-shirts, jackets, jeans, hoodies, beanies, caps, backpacks, and shoes. Choose from embroidered, leather, PVC, woven, printed, etc. Customize them by keeping the event as the focal point and using a small logo and name. Give away to employees and customers. 

  • Custom plush toys are cute, cuddly, and squishy. People love custom stuffed animals regardless of age. Love Your Pet Day is the perfect event to customize them. Give mascots to your employees to celebrate the day. Celebrate with enthusiasm as a seller to bring attention to them.  

  • Custom beanies and caps with pet-theme are one way to celebrate the day. People will love to show their appreciation towards them by wearing them. 


  • Organize an event to celebrate the day. You do not have to spend huge; throwing a small party is enough. Give custom items with your logo to the people attending. Organize games, contests, quizzes, etc.

  • Donate to pet charities: You can raise funds for these charities by selling personalized items. People will appreciate the gesture, and your organization will get much love and attention. Start early and donate the money on the day.  

  • Celebrate on social media: As mentioned earlier, pets get tremendous attention on online platforms. Ask people to post with the custom items and their pets. 

  • Visit local animal shelters to show your support towards them. You can also organize an event and raise funds on the spot. Parks and public places are also suitable for handouts; giveaway them to people with their pets. 

  • Ask your employees or customers to bring them to the event. People will be happy to spend time with their favorite nonhuman.  


Love Your Pet Day is on February 20th, but people can cherish them any day with the custom products. Use the day to show appreciation and love towards them, and people will connect with your organization. Use high-quality items because people love their pets, and low-quality ones will not make a positive impact. Connect with a reliable manufacturer. EverLighten has helped startups, large corporations, sports teams, schools, universities, nonprofits, celebrities, and individuals for over eighteen years. 

Brutus the Bulldog has been the official mascot of Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan, since 1930. Everyone loves it and has a deep connection. EverLighten reached out to them, but they told us they have a supplier. However, our team convinced them to create custom face socks. We made six samples, and they ran them through faculty and students. They were satisfied and surprised with the quality - our price was 60% lower than the current. We created two thousand pairs of custom socks with Brutus the Bulldog. 

Read the complete story at https://everlighten.com/blogs/success-stories/university-ferris-state-university

Celebrate Love Your Pet Day with EverLighten: 

Best price: We manufacture custom items in our factory, which helps customers to get the best cost in the industry.

Fine quality: Customers get personalized products with the best materials, production, and packaging. 

Prompt delivery: our factory helps deliver every order in the least time.

24*7 service: Customers can contact our support team anytime. 

Customer-centric: We love helping people and accept every order.

Unlimited customization: Customers can customize every aspect - materials, colors, sizes, and logo technique. 

No minimum order quantity: We offer no minimum order limit on products. 

Worldwide delivery: EverLighten delivers around the globe, and customers can track their orders with an online tool.

For more information, inquiry, and ordering, visit https://everlighten.com/collections/all

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