Cats vs Invisible Wall Project By Galvan

Cats vs Invisible Wall Project By Galvan

From Manuel Galvan

No joke, you're closing the book on stop and frisk, What about putting body weight on people's neck or doing anything to people's neck. Shay Schermerhorn yup, that's why they invented slavery and why they keep their knee

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Next time you see video of looting and riots take notice of the age of them. The younger population has far less respect for other people than just 10 years ago even. Glenn Haupt Like the 75 year old gentleman at a protest who was brutally pushed down and suffered a serious head injury and can’t walk now.

In the dozen years of Reconstruction, which began after the end of the Civil War, more than 2,000 black people were lynched by mobs of DEMOCRATS. Bryan Stevenson is beyond words and future generations will be reading about him in history books. Because the killings are still going on but now in disguised as law and order.

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