Catching Up

Catching Up

From Devanee Brown

I am significantly behind on bills due to a series of unfortunate events. I am at risk of losing everything including my house and car, and I really need help catching up. I am desperate, and I have no options left.

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I am a 26 year old (she/her) who has been experiencing a lot of misfortune over the last few years. I was in a car accident back in 2021 that left me having to get a new vehicle 3 months after getting my first vehicle. A driver ran a red light and totaled my car completely. It also left me with a knee injury that has been affecting me. That same year I was diagnosed with 4 different life-changing illnesses that made it harder to afford my expenses on top of the new, inflated vehicle payment. After that, it was all downhill. The insurance company was giving me the run around for 2 whole years until I had to hire an attorney. I was doing okay for awhile, but due to my ilnesses, my attendance at work was affected and I was terminated. I was unemployed for almost 6 months, which got me behind even further, and my cat had to go to the emergency vet, and if the issue gets worse, they told me it'll be a $1500 bill minimum. I am at the point where I have exhausted all of my resources and am basically being buried alive in debt. My mortgage alone is behind since August 2023, and they have put it into foreclosure. My car payments are also behind, and despite working two jobs, they are both very low paying and I barely get hours. It would be manageable with budgeting if I could catch up on what is owed already, and get a fresh start. I know it's a lot to ask, but I have to try something. My mental health is so bad right now, and the stress is getting to me so badly, I am truly at the end of my rope. I just need help.

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