Catalog the Left - The Deck Log

Catalog the Left - The Deck Log

From Troy Amundson

We are developing a website to catalog and preserve anti-constitution/anti-America politicians, individuals, businesses. Users will be able to search and easily find information by topic or by entity. Thank you!

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So much has happened in America in the last two years, much of it for the worse.  Our election process, judiciary, justice department, and elected officials have been compromised.  Traditional values are under attack from the national to local level by individuals, business, and government. This needs to be cataloged.  I'm developing a website with the assistance of some true conservatives, friends I served with in the military.  The site will be a searchable database of information backed up by factual links.  For example If a user is interested to know about their US Representative they can search by name to see what positions and votes taken against our constitutional liberties, with the reference data as a hotlink.  Every day we hear about individuals being "deplatformed" by banks and other service providers.  All this will be made public and recorded on this website. The site will be clear of clutter focused on a single mission of documenting these anti-American actions we hear about every day.  Target corporation forcing transgender bathrooms will be highlighted, linked, and documented for example.  Search results will include a position taken and a hotlink to proof of that position. We have a large list of topics we want to include.  As an example we will include abortion, gun control, transgender issues, cancel culture, religious freedom, foreign lobbying, insider trading by business and politicians, border wall, mandatory vaccines, etc.    Documentation is proceeding at all levels but will publish national level problems first, then state, then local. Every link in the chain will be with conservative friendly partners.  We will use as our payment processor, and are considering some good options for conservative friendly website hosting.  Organizational banking is still in question.  We expected to be immediately attacked for this site, and dealing with providers and processors that won't shut us down is critical to staying online and operating. Initial funds will be used to set up an LLC in a state with good privacy laws such as Wyoming, retain a conservative attorney, build and host the website, and hire some online virtual assistants to process the large volumes of data already coming in just from word of mouth from our military and church communities.

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