Top 7 Trends In The Online Gaming Industry

Top 7 Trends In The Online Gaming Industry

From Vitoria Oliveira

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For any industry to flourish, growth and development must occur. Our expert author Victoria Oliveira would agree that this usually takes place in the form of market trends that encourage change and business improvements.

Starting trends and following current ones is how companies keep their customers happy. This is even true for the online gambling industry. Casinos that introduce new ideas and are innovative typically do better than those that don’t. Guides like Casino Portugal typically take note of casinos that do this. This article will take a look at the current casino trends of successful gambling enterprises.

Live Gaming

Many online casinos have begun to include live gaming as an option in their casino segment. Customers tend to enjoy the real feel that this option brings, even though they are not physically located inside the casino. 

Live gaming allows for interaction between the players and the dealer. This adds an element of excitement that cannot be obtained from video slots and other non-interactive games. Games that you might find in this area are:

  • Poker variants

  • Blackjack 

  • Baccarat 

  • Roulette 

These games also have a live chat option, giving it a social feel.


This practice uses gaming techniques to accomplish a goal. This is usually achieved with social points and daily goals that grant rewards. Casino games that operate this way usually use well-known characters from books or movies.

This innovative approach encourages longer gameplay and also has financial benefits for the casino. Besides extended play, these types of games help casinos retain customers who enjoy the thrill of immersive gaming. 

Virtual Reality Gaming

This gaming type is still currently very rare and only found at top online gambling platforms. Most casinos have levelled up their technology from 2D to 3D slots, which is undeniably more enjoyable; however, virtual reality gaming is in a league of its own.

A virtual reality headset plunges the player into a realistic feeling casino. Some of these games have a 3D spatial aspect and offer in-game chat. 

It is the most realistic feeling form of gambling, where even hand and body gestures can be observed. Operators have been providing table games and slots in VR.

Mobile Platform and Apps

When online casinos were first developed, they were initially intended for desktop computers and laptops. Most people relied on these devices for online gaming and entertainment. As technology evolves, mobile phones and tablets are becoming more popular than bulky computer devices.

Some of the best online gambling establishments provide access to their games on a mobile platform, but they can be poorer quality than their desktop version. In recent years, however, mobile gaming has been trending, and casinos that wish to stay ahead have begun offering HTML5 software-based gaming.

This gives casino clients the option of choosing between playing on a desktop or mobile device without compromising quality, loading times, or the number of accessible games. Some providers have even developed applications specifically for mobile phones.

Cryptocurrency Casinos

Online casinos have diverse clientele. Due to this, different payment methods are accepted. Lately, there has been a large shift towards cryptocurrencies, and some of the more creative thinking casinos have begun offering this as an accepted payment method.

Although cryptocurrency is not cash, it does have a value attached to it, and transactions are generally secure as it works through the blockchain. The legality of cryptocurrency casinos is still quite restricted, and the laws regarding this differ from one territory to another.

Social Casinos

A new trend in the online gambling industry is to offer a virtual version of the games available at the actual casino lobby in the form of a social casino. These games are not for real money, and purely for entertainment. Some of these games can be played through social media such as Facebook, with your online friends. 

These games are usually free to download, and many of them use virtual coins. When you run out of coins, you have to wait a specific time for them to be refilled. For those who lack the patience, virtual coins can be purchased with real money.

The goal is to familiarise players with the games in the lobby of the actual casino, thus encouraging potential customers to try playing for real money.

Telegram Casinos

The social messaging app, Telegram, has begun allowing casinos to use their services as a gambling platform. This comes with advantages for both the casino and the player. Casinos have the opportunity to attract new customers and do not need a permit to use this platform.

Operating a casino through Telegram allows access to countries where online casinos are prohibited. Another advantage casinos enjoy is that developing games to be played in the telegram format comes at a low cost.

Customers enjoy the free access and convenience of Telegram casinos, and that no additional software needs to be installed. Telegram Casino is available on tablets, computers, and mobile phones.


As technology develops, there is pressure for online industries to keep improving their services. Being able to adapt to market changes, and be versatile regarding popular trends, is essential in determining the long term success of online casinos.

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