Casino and charity

Casino and charity

From Alex Souschuk

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In various large areas of business, it is very fashionable to do charity work. Therefore, without exception, all large and successful casinos are also actively involved in this noble cause, especially best crypto gambling sites.

Some of the most ardent opponents of gambling are surprised by the loyalty of the state towards gambling houses, but it is actually very simple to explain why officials turn a blind eye to everything. In addition to taxes, which make up 69% of the state treasury, casinos also donate large sums to charity, finance hospitals, purchase expensive equipment from them, help sick children, and actively support Greenpeace. With their money, kindergartens, schools are being built and roads are being repaired.

Regarding money from the gambling business, society disagrees, someone calmly perceives such help, and someone tries to be indignant, but in fact, almost no one refused money, because in fact, money spent for good purposes only bears favor and to refuse them is simply silly.

That is why, in countries where gambling is under the strictest ban, there is at least one city in which casinos still exist and the state safely does not notice it. For example, in China, this is the city of Macau, a casino from this city is actively involved in the development of Chinese medicine and helps to finance the cancer center against breast cancer.

Also, numerous casinos around the world participate in the campaign in the fight against cancer, donating for free examinations by specialists, this allows you to identify a terrible disease at an early stage, prevent development, and in some cases even completely cure the disease.

Another well-known way to help the sick is open tournaments, in which celebrities and well-known players from all over the world play, the winnings in such a tournament are necessarily transferred to various aid funds.

Crypto sports betting sites also participates in charity. Some of the casino profits are donated to various charitable foundations of the world and organizations to help people. Players can freely get acquainted with the activities of the fund, which is freely available to everyone, since everything is fair and legal.

However, there are especially fundamental need. For example, an employee of a small church in the depths of Canada refused to accept assistance for the people of the village in the amount of several million dollars. The pride of the clergyman did not allow him to make a deal with his conscience and deprived many people of hope for a normal existence. It is unlikely that hungry people were especially grateful to him for this.

In fact, the saying is correct: “Money doesn’t smell” if it can be used to cure a sick child, a mother from cancer, buy clothes for the freezing homeless and feed the hungry.

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