Carolina Women’s and Youth Community

Carolina Women’s and Youth Community

From Heather Alfonso

We are raising money for our growing women’s and youth communities in South Carolina - money raised goes to enrichment activities, educational activities, and helping to build a space for our community!

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The role of the Masjid is great and crucial for any Muslim community.

Masjid is the source of spiritual and educational guidance for the Muslim community anywhere. In recognition of that, the first thing that the Prophet

صلى الله عليه وسلم made in Madinah once he reached it was building his Masjid. This explains why Muslims every time they conquered  a city or a country, the first thing they used to do was to build a Masjid. This was a sign that they came to build, teach and guide.

Building the masjid is the first step not the last, the houses of Allah need to be maintained, served and keep functioning the way that pleases Allah and his messenger. The Masjid is not just a place for prayer; the role of the Masjid is much bigger than what we restricted our Masjids to.

We live in the South (USA). We are the minority and as such, many in our community experience some backlash. As a result, many fall into being "ashamed" of their faith. Promoting a strong, solid community is integral to our cohesiveness. 

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