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My mother is many things... She is strong, brave, inspriational, funny, supportive, caring, and above all one of the most selfless people I've ever met. She's spent her life putting anyone, and everyone else's needs and wants above her own. Let me tell you a little bit about why I am setting up this account for her, and why I want to take her on her dream vacation during the Halloween season.. along with paying for her funeral, but I think that says enough in it's own.My mother spent her adult life, being that person that everyone goes to for advice... for support... for help. My mother has taken care of anyone and everyone around her. She's worked hard, she's raised 2 kids as a single mother, she has been everything to a lot of people.  She has always put her needs and wants at the bottom of list. She's been down a very treturous and hard road for most all of her life but never seemed to let that define her. Last year she had been blown up (literally) by her oxygen machine in a freak accident, and was in the U of U burn unit for only 5 days. Now let me tell you, with the burns she had, she should have been in there for more than a month, but yet again, she refused to let it get her down. She wasn't going to allow anyone to take care of her because she was supposed to take care of everyone else. She returned home, and nursed herself back to health relatively quickly considering the circumstances. All was good until about 2 months ago when she was put on Hospice and told that she had 6 months or less to live.Because my mother only has a short time left, I want to make it the most memorable. I want to take her on a trip to Salem MA during Halloween time. This has been a trip she has wanted to go on since I was a small child but because she was busy working 7 days a week and taking care of us, she was never able to. I am also setting the limit high because in all of those years, my mother never set herself up with any type of life insurance, or retirement, or savings, or anything of that nature. So on top of the vacation, I am raising funds to pay for her funeral. I have seen her stress a lot about what is going to happen when she leaves us, and how terrible she feels that her family is going to have to pay for her funeral and everything that comes with it. I want the last few months she has to be the most stress free months she's ever had. My mother is one person that deserves the world. Please know that if you chose to donate, know you that you are helping someone that wouldn't hesitate to help you, or someone off the street if it was the last thing she could do.

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