Caring for Koda

Caring for Koda

From Justin Kyle Rabon

Koda recently survived GDV/Bloat. This is usually fatal for large and giant breed dogs. I was able to rush him to an emergency vet clinic. There they were able to perform the life saving procedures.

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Koda recently experienced GDV. This was a life threatening situation commonly referred to as bloat.  It’s more severe than bloat and if not treated in time, could lead to devastating injuries and death.

Fortunately for us, Koda was with me when the bloat set in.  I was helping a friend move some pieces of furniture to his new place, when I noticed Koda trying to vomit.  This wasn’t abnormal at first as he has experienced the occasional motion sickness.  What was weird was that he immediately laid down and no vomit was coming out.  This through me for a bit and I tried to comfort him and assist him in throwing up. That’s when I touched his belly and he growled at me.  This is the first time in 5 years that he has growled at me.  Immediately my worry turned to panic and I unloaded the truck and rushed to get him in.  As he stood up I saw his stomach was the size of a watermelon.  It had bloated almost twice the width of him. 

We rushed to the closest animal hospital in Mauldin. They confirmed it was GDV and sent us to Upstate Vet Emergency + Specialist.  This was 15 minutes of panic driving and refusing to yield to traffic. I was able to get Koda there and they took him in immediately.  They called in a specialist and were able to alleviate the bloat, flip the stomach back, and tack it to the inside of him.  

This was all very time sensitive and we were blessed that the swelling did not have enough time to cut off the blood flow to his other organs too long.  They believe he will have a full recovery and he is home with me now. 

I was truly blessed by having him with me.  Had I left him home and this happened, he may not be with me now.  I am also blessed by having great friends and family that were there for me through all of this.  I know I didn’t inform everyone in the moment. It was all a bit of a haze.  But we are home now and can recover.

We’d love for any friends that want to stop by and say hi to reach out and set up a time to do that.  He has to take it easy for a few days.  I expect it to only take this strong guy a week or two to be back to normal.

I am asking if you feel that you are able to.  Please help out however you can.  I am currently in between jobs and I am not sure where the money will come from to cover the costs.  The costs are the least of my concerns but they are there.  

We promise, any blessings that come our way will continue to allow us to bless others however we are able to.

Thank you for loving my Koda.  He is my world, he is my happy, and loving him is easily the best way to love me!

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