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Career Growth - Professional Development

From JoAnna Cochenet

This campaign is meant to assist in covering several career goals and milestones in one campaign.

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I am seeking support for several career-related goals as a conductor (in music) which require extra funding. This type of artist career always has on-going needs to grow and reach new heights. After many years of honing, hard work, and step-by-step successes, new and larger milestones are IN PLACE for me to reach new levels as the next phase of challenges for my career. This is VERY exciting! However, it also can be costly to develop and maintain the career at all of these turning points, and it's all coming in now. This is where I need your help!

I fully intend on participating in the following, as these have been either by personal invitation, or I have successfully gone through a screening and audition process to pass through to participate. The fundraising campaign will greatly help me to offset the costs of these wonderful opportunities for the next level of my career.

Upcoming goals, along with financial goals to reach them:

Goal 1:

$1550 International Conductors Workshop and Competition event

$800 Travel, Lodging, Meals for the event days

$150 Sheet music (scores) for the event

Goal 2:

Conducting Fellowship with a regional symphony (Apprenticeship, by invitation). While this is paid a nominal fee, there are other expenses associated with it.

$200 Sheet music (scores) for the event

$300 Transportation to and during the event, and Meals

Goal 3:

In order to reach the next qualification levels in addition to my other experiences, and as it is the culminating and terminal degree (note, the degree alone does not put me 100% in the best end-all position for the rest of my life, but it sure puts me in the path to do so because of credentials and experience), I am currently attending a Doctoral level program in Conducting (DMA) in a university program. I have managed to successfully obtain departmental and private scholarships already, and have a Graduate Assistantship too, covering most of the cost of the program. However, there are still remaining tuition for a small number of credits each term since the cost is still high, student fees, and the costs of texts and music associated with it. I have almost finished one semester of schooling already, and I have 2.5 years left to go to completion. Each semester left will still cost approximately $2000 ($10,000 total) to finish. (Oh, and yes, I am still paying for my school loans from almost 20 years ago...! Because of this, I don't intend on taking out more for this program!)

Schooling: $10,000

Goal 4:

I am currently in, and in the past six months, have been a participant of (by invitation), the Curtis Mentor Network, studying conducting with a professional mentor. Curtis Institute of Music is among the most well-known schools for music in the world. I am also receiving some scholarship for this as well, but still pay some amount for the lessons, which varies each time. The total of fees for three sessions up to this point, runs right around $1500. I am learning a great deal, the teaching and professionalism is of some of the highest level, and I can't say no to this--in addition to the fellowship above, it's some of the BEST of the opportunities around! I'm hoping to stay involved at least through the rest of this school year. (I also intend on attending this mentor's conducting workshop next summer, probably among others, which will be additional fees later in the year). For these lessons alone, I estimate another $1500 through the rest of the year at minimum.

Lessons from Fall 2021-Spring 2022: $2000


All the while, I am continuing to work in my career at multiple levels and institutions, as flexible as my work in this field will allow, but in the end, there are only so many hours in a day, and only so many ways to cover everything in the daily life, let alone leave any room for the career goals and opportunities--which, after many years of hard work and collaborations, are coming again to fruition right here, right now, and now is when I'm calling for help--these are RARE opportunities I absolutely must take if I am to advance!! And I, myself, am one person. 

My husband, also a conductor, is also very supportive and we do support each other. Between the two of us, at the moment, we have seven regular (as in, ongoing) jobs--not counting additional freelance work, and school. Nothing I (we) do is done in a vacuum, and I've (we've) had many supporters throughout my life. I (we) want to reach a point where I(we) can be able to give back, too. In addition to and beyond doing that financially, one of these ways in giving back is through community leadership and creation and all of the facets that fall under those words, through music, and through shared community spaces such as exists in music-making, hence the conductor-role I take on. If you know about people, music, and the arts, you know the benefit of what roles these facets play in our lives.

I humbly appreciate all of you taking the time out of your busy lives to read through this and to consider giving and/or sharing this story with others. To the point that I really understand that 'hopes and dreams' carry such different meanings for us at these stages of life and still can seem lofty some days--but as in the purpose of my fundraiser, they are present, right here, right now! As artists know the daily path, the show must go on. We stop and breathe and rest, but we carry on, to pursue our paths, getting better at it as we go and yet with much more to learn. Here are several paths being offered--and they all go in the same direction!! I hope you will share in my enthusiasm!

I am happy to discuss anything about this or my career. You can see more about me and what I do at: You can also email me at


P.S. I hate to specify amounts that don't fit your idea of giving and what you can actually feel comfortable doing. I am putting a range of examples here that the site is having me incorporate to some degree, but hope there will be some flexible opportunity to adjust for those who wish to do so. I believe you can still mark the type of donation you want even if it doesn't match what is here. If what you wish to do is not possible on here, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you!

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