Car Repairs for Victory!

Car Repairs for Victory!

From Jennifer S.

The goal of this initiative is to meet some of the transportation needs to support Ukrainian Soldiers on the front lines and their volunteers.

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On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a “special military operation” resulting in the death and destruction of Ukrainian life and invoking a new but familiar fear throughout Europe. On the first morning of the war, Russian forces attacked by land and by air, targeting the Hostomel airfield (Antonov airport) with the goal to penetrate and capture Kyiv- the Capital & most populous city in Ukraine, a couple centuries-old metropolis featuring golden domes and a bustling cultural center - not to mention, the 7th largest city in Europe. The U.S. and other Western officials expected Russia’s seemingly superior forces to seize Kyiv within a few days and the whole country within a few weeks. But they were very wrong. On the first day, the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade along with elite military  units and a newly formed territorial defense legion launched an offensive to defend and hold the Hostomel airfield and was successful in preventing the invaders from establishing a logistical base within striking distance of the heart of the Capital. This also prevented the enemy from taking a single inch of territory within the city’s limits and instead remained stuck & ineffective for weeks on the capital’s periphery before retreating. The 72nd Mechanized Brigade achieved victory in the Battle for Kyiv, protecting Ukraine’s independence as a sovereign state and giving hope to Ukrainians around the world that their friends & family living here might survive. However, the Russia Federation would go on to contest the boundaries of that sovereign state, launching devastating attacks on civilian infrastructure and committing war crimes and atrocities throughout the eastern and southern regions. 

The 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade named after the Black Zaporozhians (for its fearsome combat reputation) is an all-combat infantry & ground forces unit inside the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Since 2014, the brigade has been part of anti-terrorist operations and continues to be extensively involved in fighting the major battles throughout the Donbas region. 

The brigade originates from Zaporizhzhia, the land of the Cossacks, who during their time fascinated all of Europe with their bravery. They are often described as people who never feared death and were ready to fight for their freedom until their last breath. Today, just like their predecessors, the 72  Mechanized Brigade is ready to give up their lives for Ukraine’s freedom and turn the occupiers into nothing more than smoke and an unpleasant, distant memory.

Currently, the Donbas region is at the heart of the battle for lasting Ukrainian sovereignty. The 72 Mechanized Brigade assumes constant combat readiness in order to fight, defend and liberate the territories in the region. The enemy continues to test the strength of their defense, resorting to shelling, bombing and attempts to mount an assault. The lives of these brave defenders greatly depend on Western support & assistance. 


As previously mentioned, the 72 assumes constant combat readiness as an infantry & ground forces unit. They are reliant on brave volunteers who deliver critical aid & supplies such as food, water and basic first aid to the front lines. Needless to say, the work of these volunteers is lifesaving but unfortunately the vehicles used for such transport are in desperate need of numerous repairs to keep them running for future missions. Sometimes it's as simple and replacing the brakes or replacing a windshield that was destroyed in shelling. And sometimes it's a major repair such as replacing an engine or transmission. These repairs are done by local volunteers and paid for by the defenders themselves, using their military paychecks. The current need:

  • 1x Nissan Navara Engine
  • 3x Automobile Electronic Devices 
  • 8x Trench REB
  • 3x Radio & Communication Devices
  • 3x Charging Stations "Source 2800 UPS Sinus"


I am personally asking you for a donation to help support these volunteers & heroes defend the homeland of my ancestors, family & friends. I work directly with the 72 Mechanized Brigade, volunteers and family living in Ukraine in order to support this initiative. While most Americans can turn off the news and forget about the war during the holidays, most Ukrainian-Americans cannot. The feeling of waking up in the morning and learning the region where your friends and/or family live was targeted in a missile strike overnight is extremely stressful and overwhelming. The more support and assistance Ukraine receives, the faster peace can be restored. If you have any questions about the 72 Mechanized Brigade, Ukraine or the war in general, feel free to contact me. 

Thank you for your support!! 

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!


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