Car logos: design features and the most popular types

Car logos: design features and the most popular types

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Day after day, thousands of different cars flash along the busy highways. Each of them has an emblem. A special badge is not an easy graceful adornment or a designer whim.

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Day after day, thousands of different cars flash along the busy highways. Each of them has an emblem. A special badge is not an easy graceful adornment or a designer whim. The logo indicates that the vehicle belongs to a particular brand. Every number, every letter here means something. How are logos created and what types of this distinctive sign are there?

Features of creating car logos

Making logos is a long and multi-stage process. Experienced designers have been working on each logo for years. They try to show the history, main views and traditions of a particular manufacturer. The names of the founders of the company are often indicated on the emblems. The overall look of the logo should be captivating and memorable. So that, by looking at it, a person can immediately understand which manufacturer we are talking about.

Renowned car brands follow design trends and tweak their creations as needed. Basically, experts use neutral colors and shades (gray, silver or black). These colors give customers a sense of stability, reliability and confidence. The feeling that the manufacturer is keeping up with the times.

But one thing usually remains the same. This is the name of the emblem. The history of the automotive industry is full of various myths and legends about logo creation. Whole books, articles, and even television broadcasts have been written about the creation of some emblems. The most popular domestic and foreign logos will be presented below.

Logos of domestic car brands

GAS. Domestic transport, which has been produced at the Gorky Automobile Plant for many years, is decorated with a logo with an uncomplicated name. These are minibuses, cars, trucks, and military equipment. The coat of arms of Nizhny Novgorod was taken as a basis. It is here that the production of these identification marks is carried out. In the center of the logo there is a white silhouette of a deer, and in the upper part, like on the coat of arms, there are five towers.

ZIL. The corporate emblem belongs to trucks that came off the assembly line of the Likhachev plant. Interestingly, until 1944, high-quality vehicles were produced without a logo. However, after the war, the manufacturers decided to rectify the situation and created their own identification mark. The logo is based on the abbreviation of the name of the company.

Moskvich. In the Soviet Union, Moskvich was the most popular car brand. The famous passenger transport was adorned with a silver inscription with the name of the brand. Times have changed and now the demand for this brand is not so great. Nevertheless, the car continues to exist. Today Moskvich is the brainchild of Volkswagen. The logo has also changed significantly. The trademark is a red M-shaped badge with the full brand name at the bottom.

TAGAZ. The emblem with deep connotations is found on the cars of the Taganrog plant. In particular, in utility vehicles, minibuses, school vehicles and vehicles for people with disabilities. Three equivalent roads forming a triangle at the center of the circle. With the help of such symbolism, designers show that any obstacles can be overcome by this small-circulation vehicle. That the machines produced at this plant are really powerful and practical.

Uralaz. The main decoration of trucks manufactured in the Chelyabinsk region. The emblem visually resembles the number 8 or the letter Z. The beautiful logo is presented in the form of a rhombus divided in half with rounded edges.

KAMAZ. In 1976, the production of more trucks started at the Kama Automobile Plant. To this day, this transport is in demand. The agricultural machinery has an original blue badge, which consists of two elements: the brand inscription and a horse running in full face. The best logos come in two variations. The difference concerns the lettering. On one emblem it looks like KAMAZ, on the other KAMAZ.

Foreign car brands logos

Iveco. The inscription is found on Italian industrial cars. The black logo is somewhat reminiscent of the KAMAZ emblem. Also consists of two elements. In the lower part there is the name of the company, in the upper part there is a jumping horse in a ring.

KIA. The emblem is typical for South Korean cars. Three-dimensional image, in the center of which the name of the manufacturer is aptly located. The color red (the warmth of the sun) was not chosen by chance. It shows how young, energetic, prosperous and aspiring company it is. The earth in this case is symbolized by an ellipse. Emphasizes the worldwide popularity of this brand.

Lamborghini. A distinctive sign of Italian luxury cars. The exquisite Lamborghini logo features a shield with a golden frame. A golden bull is depicted in the center of the emblem. At the top there is an inscription - the name of the head of the company. All this underlines the power and luxury of this Italian brand.

Jeep. The famous brand that develops on the basis of the Chrysler concern. Spaciousness and comfort are what drivers value these cars for. People call them simply Jeep. The general purpose vehicle is adorned with a green logo. In addition to the brand name, there are round headlights and a radiator grill on the badge.

BMW. German car manufacturer logo. It stands for Bayerrische Motoren Werke. A three-letter lettering is located at the top of the circular emblem. According to one version, the logo looks like the Bavarian flag. Others see similarities with the rotating propeller of an aircraft, explaining this by the fact that the concern was previously engaged in the production of aircraft.

A logo is not an easy design decoration. As you can see, they have been working on its creation for more than one year. All details are thought out to the smallest detail here. This little badge tells a lot about a car manufacturer. In a sense, the logo is the face of the company.

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