Wheel Alignment Importance

Wheel Alignment Importance

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Have you ever found your tyres wearing unevenly, your steering not aligning to the centre while driving straight, or your car abnormally pulling to the left or right? Excessive wearing of your tyres, and any tracking or steering problems clearly indicates an issue with wheel alignment. This comprehensive guide looks at what wheel alignment in Dubai is, and how important it is when it comes to car maintenance in Dubai. 

What is the importance of wheel alignment in Dubai?

Wheel alignment Dubai revolves around adjusting the angle and level of the tyres to yield optimal performance. When you adjust your tyres to the proper angle, you ensure a longer life for them. 


Proper alignment entails two pivotal factors; the wheels being perpendicular to the ground, and being parallel to each other. As the tyres have been carefully selected by the manufacturer, maintaining proper wheel alignment in Dubai also ensures the best driving experience for you. [Note:- This informative tip is powered by a trusted Infiniti repair centre of the United Arab Emirates ]

The process of wheel alignment in Dubai

The three factors that are crucial in ensuring you have proper wheel alignment are the following - 


 Whenever you make any turns on the steering wheel, there’s a pivot on the suspension of your vehicle that allows your tyres to respond quickly. This steering pivot must be at the right angle, when viewed from the side of the car. This angle is called the ‘caster’. 

The general rule of thumb is that if the pivot leans towards the rear of the car, it’s positive, and if it leans towards the front, then it’s negative. For straight and easy tracking, you must ensure that the caster is adjusted properly and consistent with all the tyres.


When you look at your tyres from the front of your car, you can observe the angle of the wheel more closely. This angle, which is normally denoted by degrees, is the ‘camber’ of your wheel. If the upper half of your wheel happens to be leaning away from the car, then it’s denoted by a positive degree. On the other hand, if it’s leaning towards your vehicle, it’s a negative degree. The camber angle is an important indication of how much, and what side of the tyre is making contact with the road. 

A misalignment of the camber, especially if it’s negative, will cause excessive wear on one side of the tyre. The camber must also be consistent with all the wheels to ensure straight steering. It’s also important to check the shape of your tyre, as excessive wear caused by a negative camber angle may cause lesser contact of the tyre with the road. 


If you view your car from below, you can observe how your wheels are positioned in accordance with one another. The angle that’s formed when all the wheels point towards the front of the vehicle is referred to as its ‘toe’. 

If the upper half of your tyres are angled towards each other, then it’s referred to as a ‘toe-in’, and if they’re angled away, then it’s called ‘toe-out’. As a slant will cause excessive and improper wear on portions of your tyres, it’s crucial that they remain parallel to each other. 

How to maintain wheel alignment in Dubai

Any potential misalignment in your wheels are normally caused by poor road conditions, such as potholes, large speed bumps, or general uneven surfaces. 

Apart from avoiding these hazards, you could also do the following to ensure proper maintenance of your wheel alignment – 

Keep a regular check on your tyre pressure

  •  Don’t load too much stuff in your trunk, as this may result in your vehicle carrying more weight at the rear.
  •  Maintaining the shape of the tyre, despite any wear that may be present on it. This is especially important with regards to excessive wearing of the camber.
  •  Get your wheel alignment checked after every 10,000 kms.
  •  Doing a thorough test drive after every wheel alignment session.

The wheel alignment near me?

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