Car buying disaster

Car buying disaster

From Kasandra Loper

I recently purchased a car from a local dealer. Two days after buying it the check engine light came on. It is no longer drivable. They refuse to help pay for repairs and I've spent my whole savings purchasing it. Help!

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Hello, my name is Kasandra. I am 25 years old. I work full-time as well as attend college classes full-time. I recently finished paying off my first car after having it for 3 years. I would have loved to keep driving it without having to worry about a payment for awhile. Unfortunately after 3 years of reliability she is falling apart. So I made the decision to finance another car. I put $700 down plus a deferred down payment of $500 due in March. On top of that I have already made 3 payments of $220. I had the new car for 2 days, drove it maybe a total of 30 miles. I can no longer drive the car. The transmission has something wrong. I let the dealer know as soon as the check engine light came on and all I got was to "get them a quote" I spent days trying to find a shop that would even work on the car. No help from the dealer. When I finally found someone they said it'll be $100 for the diagnostics and couldn't quote repairs until after. The dealer stated "they don't cover diagnostics". Then I went up to the dealership one day to make my payment and informed them of the appointment I had, that I was paying for out of pocket because they didn't cover diagnostics, and was told that "She couldn't promise that they would cover any of the repair cost". I don't have any more savings left and the only person I could get to give me any kind of guess to the total of repairs said it probably wouldn't be a cheap repair. I am paying $14,000 for a car I can't drive. Though I believe the dealership should be paying the cost, unfortunately I apparently waived my right to having it inspected when I signed the paperwork they didn't allow me to read. I am asking very humbly for some assistance from anyone willing to help me pay for the costs of the repairs. Or even anyone with any legal advise about getting it paid for by the dealership. I am out of options. I hate even having to ask for help with this. 

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