Let's expose Canada's corrupt brand of Democracy!

Let's expose Canada's corrupt brand of Democracy!

From Johnathan Roberson

Democracy. Freedom of speech. Transparency. Oversight. Accountability. Anti-Apathy. This all can be possible if we have two documents verified - One real and one forged - Both from the Government of Canada.

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My name is JD Conner (Johnathan Roberson) and although I am the creator of this campaign and the editor and writer of the video that most likely led you to it, I am also both the victim and protagonist of what I believe is the biggest scandal and cover-up in Canadian history.  

What the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) and several other agencies of Canada's government did (and most likely are still doing) to tens of thousands of innocent legal visitors and immigrants simply looking for a better life, a college education, or a shared love with a Canadian citizen is honestly, sinister. 

Each person removed from Canada has nearly zero chance to return after the 1-year ban CBSA mandated for their return. This is because CBSA will issue a "Red Box Warning" that triggers a "secondary examination" indefinitely. People traveling from any destination outside of "visa-exempt" countries will be denied entry before they ever leave their home country. Americans and other visa-exempt countries will have to arrive at the Canadian border to be aggressively questioned about violating a law that never existed.  

All victims of the CBSA scheme will have to endure the pain and suffering of the loss it had taken to arrange travel and/or the loss of whoever the person or people that they came to Canada for in the first place. Love lost, money evaporated, dreams crushed, and lives irreparably torn apart all to keep up the greatest scheme against the Canadian people, ever. 

It doesn't matter what side you're on when it comes to immigration. Most Canadians and Americans support LEGAL immigration. America's 45th president's wife was a legal immigrant. 7,217,300 or 22.0% of the total Canadian population were born outside of Canada. 

Elon Musk, CEO of TESLA, was once a legal immigrant to the US.

So, you would think that most Canadians would be enraged that the scheme by CBSA was designed to rob the Canadian people of other good people. Not to mention taxes to pay for and bolster its future enforcement goals, and to further rob the Canadian people of more taxes... and other good people. 

Sadly, it doesn't seem that way and it's not just a shame, but also a threat to the very standard definition of Democracy, itself. Enforcement is one thing, but this agency did not enforce the Immigration Act (IRPA 29(2)) when it issued false documents with a false version of the Act (IRPA 29(2)) on them. In fact, with each ILLEGAL Exclusion Order, CBSA criminally VIOLATED the Act (IRPA 129) by training agents to rely on and make arrests for the same criminally altered act. 

This created a perpetual loop of arrests and deportations against otherwise legally excused people residing in the country after their initial authorized status had expired. 

I was one of those people. What happened after I attempted to document the scheme and make it available for public viewing created the cover-up.

The cover-up involved Canada's Federal Court committing Fraud and Forgery. This one act from the Court is evidence that Democracy in Canada lacks integrity.

I'm asking anyone with a love for anti-corruption, Democracy, Freedom of speech, and expression- to donate to this most humble of cause. The pain and loss I went through are immeasurable and continue to hurt while so few people have listened. And while so few, mostly in a position of power, have listened, thousands of other foreign nationals have been illegally removed by CBSA. It will not take much to prove to the many Canadians who cherish their near-perfect "Utopian image" of their country to realize cold-hard facts. As the saying goes, “Misplaced faith in political utopias has led to ruin.”

Our goal is to prove that in my case, Canada first used CBSA as an old American South lynch posse sent to terrorize, intimidate and use any all criminal means to retrieve me, a person that possessed not only one, but 3 legal means to remain in Canada. 

Those means were: 

  • The Law - IRPR 185.
  • The Restoration of Status Application and receipt that I had obtained. 
  • The fact that CBSA seized my passport continually for 7 months. Even when its agents claimed that I was an overstay.

They violated all three of these provisions to remove a person who just filed an Application Record exposing the very same agency's corruption as early as 4 hours prior. 

Then, it used its Federal Court to commit fraud by refusing to electronically document a FILED Application Record, and forgery, by subsequently erasing the Federal Court Registry stamp which indicated that it was actually FILED. 

Then, fraud again, by sending BOTH Application Records away from the Federal Court, removing any trace of its contents for the public to ever see. 

The scandal is indicative of a failed or failing Democracy. The government that is supposed to protect its citizens from criminals, is in fact, criminal. And when confronted, it will not acknowledge or take accountability for its crimes. Therefore, colloquially speaking, Canadians are trapped in a necessary and symbiotic relationship with lying, criminal and unrepentant narcissists in their deepest and also, most visible positions. 

Canada's deep, dark corruption thrives off the illusion of "Utopia". Exposing it to sunlight will starve dark secrets of the cover it needs and allow Democracy, although ugly at times, to flourish. Because Democracy is Freedom, and Freedom is to die for. - JD Conner

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