Cancer & Luekemia Need Help Please

Cancer & Luekemia Need Help Please


Brad was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, esophageal & stomach cancer. He is also afflicted with Crohn’s disease & and will have his Colon and Small intestines removed 03/04/2024. There is NO cure for Esophageal cancer.

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As many of you know Brad was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, esophageal and stomach cancer. He is also afflicted with Crohn’s disease which further complicates his situation. Currently, after cancer surgery was performed, they had to stop and address the progression of his Crohn's. Doctors are not able to treat both simultaneously. He has been hospitalized seven times over the past year for progression and pain of the Crohn's.

In early December 2023, Brad, while being in the hospital for Crohn's complications, was experiencing chest and abdominal pain. After evaluations, CT scans and Biopsies, doctors concluded, and test results confirmed, he has Leukemia. A few days later while hospitalized on Christmas Morning, doctors completed an emergency triple biopsy on his Esophagus, stomach and small intestines. Two days later on December 27th 2023, the results revealed he had Esophageal Cancer and Stomach Cancer which was the cause of the additional pain.

The doctors prioritized treatment for the aggressive cancers. Brad was transferred to Kaiser Hospital in San Jose to have a cancer specialist perform surgery to remove as much of the cancer as possible. Because his Crohn’s was going untreated, it started to affect his other organs. He couldn't eat due to the pain and inability to keep food down so, doctors had a permanent PICC line installed in his upper arm which, is an IV with a long flexible needle that was inserted in his upper arm and inserted deep enough the needle rested next to his heart. It is connected to a monitoring pump and a Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) bag of liquid food and medicines which delivers his nutritional needs 16 hours per day. The doctors anticipate he will need this for the next 12 months. The most difficult thing to deal with is the fact there is currently no cure for the aggressive Esophageal cancer.

GI Surgeons will be removing his Colon and most of his small intestines on March 4, 2024 and he will have a colostomy bag. He is too weak and unwell to go through surgery now. After his GI ailments are addressed, doctors will give attention to Leukemia and Cancer again. Doctors will monitor the progression of the Cancers and reprioritize as needed.

Brad has been sick for the last 16 months after getting Covid which doctors concluded Covid allowed the Cancers and Leukemia to grow since his immune system was compromised with the Covid and seven different Infusion Medicines which, all failed over the past few months. Biopsy samples sent to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota tested positive for CRMP5 which is a bio marker for cancers and GAD65 which is a biomarker of autoimmune central nervous system (CNS) disorders and autoimmune diseases.

Brad has a very tough battle ahead. He hasn't been able to work over the past year or so and had to rely on his savings to pay his bills and house payments but, now with those funds nearly depleted, he is in need of help for the first time in his life. He has worked the past 45 years, self-employed for the past 20 years.

Brad is a resilient and determined person. Brad has brought so much light and joy to people’s lives. He is one of those guys in the room who can cheer up anyone on their worst day. The child-like light he brings to this world is something to be admired. He has been a positive influence on all around him. He stubbornly refuses to give up on any challenge he faces, including his toughest challenges to date.

Please consider donating to assist Brad with medical expenses. Brad is in good spirits and enjoys hearing from family and friends via text or call or email. God bless everyone and please keep praying. Thank You.

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