Cancer Battle

Cancer Battle

From Deanna Ree

I was diagnosed in April 2019 with uterine cancer and will have to undergo surgery which will cause me to be out of work for up to 6 weeks min. ... putting my pride aside & asking help to cover living & medical expenses

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About Me

The best piece of advice I can offer to anyone taking the time to read this is, something my dad always told me "Never say never little girl." I wish I would have listened.

I am not my condition. I am NOT just a 30-year-old with cancer, I am Deanna. I work as a transcript verifier for and bust my butt to maintain a straight A average/4.0 GPA in college. Many people know that I would rather help others before helping myself or ask for help. Which is why it is so hard to have my hand out and admit that I need help. However, I quickly realized even with insurance medical bills are outrageous; and having a job doesn’t make ends meet if you have to constantly take time off work (for tests, doctor visits and procedures). Most people don’t realize that the expensive part of this bump in the road is not limited to medical bills; the living expenses and the glorious moments when life slaps us in the face (car troubles, vet bills etc.) is just as, if not more stressful. 

Those who know me know that I have the tendency to make a short story long; including unnecessary details. This tactic is to avoid personal questions about myself. After talking your ear off, I make you feel like you know me, not realizing I shared little to no personal information. When it comes to personal topics or questions, I am private. However, being a caring curious person myself, I completely understand and appreciate people reaching out with questions and asking for updates; but please be patient with me. As I adjust to sharing my health condition and personal life with so many people. 

Any type of sickness or life altering situation will open your eyes and change your perception. Being diagnosed with cancer has shown me people and their true colors (both good and bad). It also confirmed and reassure me that I am surrounded by a small circle of amazing people, especially Jovan and our families.

For everyone that has and continues to pray and/or send positive thoughts/vibes; whatever you may believe in, thank you, it means a lot! Also, a huge thank you to the few people that have donated and/or shared my GOFUND me, it means more to me then you can imagine. 

Staying above water while having to take days off work and covering co-payments is a daily stress. I currently owe over $5,000 in total for simple tests, and doctor visits; I don’t want to know what a hysterectomy and/or chemo treats is going to cost. Regardless of my stress level from financial burden, I will continue to remain optimistic and get through this one day at a time. I refuse to allow cancer to hold me back from living and enjoying my life. Like my mother always told me, “don’t just exist, live”, and that’s the plan mama. 

How I was Diagnosed 

Background: After visiting my OBGYN for a “checkup” and getting exams and tests to figure out what was causing my non-stop bleeding. My Dr. wanted to perform a dilation and curettage hysteroscopy aka D & C hysteroscopy. For those who may not know, a D & C is a safe procedure that is done for various reasons. For me, my OBGYN wanted to scrap tissue, polyps and fibroids. During the procedure my DR was surprised to find that my uterus was filled with tissue. Her exact words were “after reviewing the ultrasounds, I prepared to find polyps and knew you had fibroids. However, I was caught off guard when I noticed the amount of tissue in your uterus, it was something I had never seen before.” 

February 25th: D & C Procedure 

April 12th: Diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer aka Uterine Cancer 

Steps to Remission

Finding a doctor who took my medical insurance was difficult; getting an MRI scan seemed impossible. Thankfully, after several arguments, hang ups, and running in circles, I found a knowledgeable and highly recommended doctor and the results from my MRI scan are in my possession. Since I am currently waiting on my follow up doctor appointment to go over the results (end of June). Anxious to find out if the cancer has spread beyond my uterus, I took matters into my own hands and googled medical terms to attempt to read the report. I also received assistance in translating the MRI report from my uncle Mark (thanks again <3). From what I/we gather, the cancer is contained to my uterus. The only ‘negative’ result found was a mass that appears to be benign. Obviously, this still needs to be reviewed and confirmed by my doctor. 

What I know for sure:

I have uterine cancer

I will need to get a full or partial hysterectomy

High chance I need to do chemo treats

Common Questions

How are you feeling?

Shortly after being diagnosed (the first month), my answer to this question remained the same “I don’t feel any different, I just know I have cancer.” Now, for the past month or so, I feel horrible. I start and end my day nauseous, I have unexplained pains in my abdomen, back and legs, I am always tired (I constantly fall asleep while working) and I also deal with another common symptom that you would prefer not to know (yuck). 

What stage is it?

I have no clue. Prior to going into details of everything, my Doctor wanted to get all necessary testing completed. I assume to put everything on the table during one visit and come up with a plan. 

Can you still have kids? 

For me this is the worst part of it all. If you know me, you know that I love kids, and always wanted to be a mother. There is a VERY high chance Jovan and I will not be able to have kids of our own. As of right now, I would say there is a 20% chance.

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