Can You Take Prenatal Vitamins Before Pregnancy?

Can You Take Prenatal Vitamins Before Pregnancy?

From Faisal Khan

The conception and pregnancy process is one that comes with a number of nutritional, physical, and lifestyle changes.

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While these can be full of excitement and anticipation, there are a number of questions posed throughout pregnancy that can be scary, bewildering, or even to pose more questions than answers. Among these many questions is that of vitamins. Prenatal and postnatal vitamins are something frequently talked about, especially if you are researching how to best give your body proper nutrition throughout pregnancy. 

Within this are questions such as when to start taking prenatal vitamins, when to stop taking prenatal vitamins, and what type of prenatal vitamins to take. We are going to examine a few of these questions and let you know when to start taking prenatal vitamins, and for how long.

Examine Your Options

Before we really delve into the best habits for your prenatal nutrition routine, it is import to note that you have a number of options in regards to prenatal vitamins, and you should ensure that you examine all of your options.

Some suppliers offer different prenatal vitamins for people trying to conceive, people who are pregnant, and post-pregnancy. Additionally, you may have specialized medical needs that should be taken into account with your prenatal vitamin. These can be health conditions, deficiencies, age, race, and other factors that effect your body’s general nutritional needs.

Taking the time to research what the best prenatal vitamin for you is, and to decide on whether or not you want to take on throughout the entire process, or transition between prescriptions throughout conception and pregnancy will help you be more prepared for your pregnancy journey.

Should I Take Prenatal Vitamins Before Pregnancy?

Not only can you take prenatal vitamins before pregnancy, you should take prenatal vitamins before pregnancy! In the United States, around 50% of pregnancies are unplanned, meaning that many newly pregnant women have to quickly make the transition to properly providing vitamins and minerals to their body as it experiences new duress.

If you know that you are trying to get pregnant, taking a prenatal vitamin can accomplish a number of things. First and foremost, it can help you conceive more easily. A prenatal vitamin helps to supply your body with the necessary nutrition that it needs to create life. When your body is supplied like this, it is more likely to succeed in this process. In a way, it communicates to your body that it is safe to get pregnant.

Second, it prepares your body for the stress of pregnancy before the need arises. Throughout pregnancy, your body is under the stress of both producing new cells for itself, and producing cells and tissue for the new life growing within the womb. Due to this, the body needs a higher number of ‘materials’ to care for itself. This includes a number of vitamins and minerals such as folates. When you supply the body with prenatal vitamins before pregnancy, your body already has what it needs as soon as you get pregnant. This can help you avoid aggressive sickness in early pregnancy, and can help to keep you healthier throughout the process.

How Long Should I Keep Taking Prenatal Vitamins?

Once you’ve started taking prenatal vitamins, a big question is how long to continue to take them. Though it might seem obvious, you first need to make sure that you continue to take your prenatal vitamins throughout your pregnancy. The consistency of giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs for tissue growth and development can help to ensure your infant develops well, and can prevent a number of birth defects. It also helps to keep you healthy, and retain energy throughout the pregnancy process.

Once you have given birth and begun breastfeeding, there are still a number of vitamins that your infant needs to receive through breastmilk. Furthermore, your body still has different needs, as it is producing milk alongside keeping itself healthy and moving. Continuing to take a prenatal vitamin throughout the breastfeeding process helps to make sure that your child is well-nourished, and that your body does not grow unnecessarily weak while breastfeeding. 

Can I Change My Prenatal Vitamin?

If you need to change your prenatal vitamins during your pregnancy, that is completely fine! You always want to find a supplement that has everything you need. If you are deficient in something, or if something is making you sick, seek out an option that is best for you. It may be helpful to consult your doctor, or OBGYN to ensure that you are getting all the nutrition that your specific body needs. 

When you find something that works and keeps you healthy, wonderful! Continue to take it and reevaluate later if you feel you may need something more or less robust.

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