Can optimizing help your Android app promotion?

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Do you promote your application right? Many think that they market Android apps correctly, publishing and buying traffic to their applications. They know nothing about conversion, keyword promotion, and ASO. So, they do not. 

In the next 2 passages you will read all you should have already known about ASO, but it seems you do not. This is not a full weight guide, but a starting point. Here is where you can read all about Android app optimizing

What problems can ASO improvements fix?

Without any knowledge of ASO people do not collect the keywords, do icons they like, but not their customers, say little about the product and its functions. If you ASO this problem out, you will get more installs and promote cheaper. 

  • Keywords. Find the most convertible words and phrases that suit you. Some of them you can find at your competitors’ pages. Others you need to think of. Use app analysis tools to get more information about the keywords apps like yours should be searched for. 

  • Texts. With the right keywords, write them into your title, description, subscription. It will index you in the Play Store search and rank up higher. Android applications strongly depend on the quality of the texts. Also, add captures to the screens so they illustrate certain functions and clearly explain your product advantages. 

  • Visuals. Create clickable and unique app page elements. They should represent your brand, design, and in-app visuals. Stand out from the crowd. 

Problems fixed, you are ready for promotion

With keywords, texts, and visuals in place, promote your app. You have the right words and phrases, so search ads and keyword promotion will be cheaper. In search, people will find your product and easily understand what the app is about and download it as it was the exact thing they have been searching for. is a self-service platfrom for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization.

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