Campaign to Elect the FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA since George Washington

Campaign to Elect the FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA since George Washington

From Dwight Smith

The First Real Campaign for the American People.

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Campaign to Elect the FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA Since George Washington and Our Founding Fathers Established our Great Country. My Presidential Campaign started in 1960 at the back of President JFK Campaign train where I met him. At the end of our discussion he said to me You should become President when you are old enough, it has been a Campaign for the people of US since then. The best description of my philosophy is a Thomas Jefferson, Founding Fathers, NonPartisan. All of my Campaign is directed towards only promoting things that benefit all of the people equally. We need real NonPartisan Elections, which we expect all real democracies to have. The Electoral College, well designed for Colonial America, has been obsolete for well over 100 years. I have been told that many people have the odd misconception that the reason for it has something to do with States Rights, It only has to do with the lack of timely communication and fast transportation in Colonial America, two things that have not existed for many years. We The People do not choose our Presidents, the Parties do. The best way to encourage a better slate of candidates to run, which everyone would be much more enthusiastic about voting for would be to eliminate the Electoral College. We could then have real elections which will pass anyone’s Democracy Test. I have worked for the United States Government Bureaucracy for over 30 years and have never acted like a Bureaucrat. I have been a friend of the environment and operated almost exclusively from Solar Power for well over 30 years. I have always consulted those who know more than I do to form my opinions. I have never supported the unnecessary use of the military, including the current problems in the MiddleEast. In 1970, when terrorists hijacked airlines in the desert of the MiddleEast, I suggested a plan that would have made the events of 9/11 of 2001 impossible to our Leaders, and they were not interested, probably because it would have cost the Airlines and the Government a few Dollars. As much as some people think that the United States should go fix every problem there is in the World, we can not without our going bankrupt, which we are now. We need to use good judgment in choosing where to invest the resources of the people of the USA. Anyone who is in the Legislative or the Executive Branches of Government should understand Economics very well. Economics was one of my easiest A grades in College. The Tax Reform Plan that I have been, campaigning for, is the only plan that anyone who understands Economics would agree is Fair to Everyone. It cuts everyone’s taxes & still pays for everything being paid for now, including many of Dollars of Government waste, without the current form of the IRS and NO April 15th. Please do not confuse my tax plan with the tax, which is being sold under the misleading title of FairTax a very high National Sales Tax and is very unfair to everyone. Completely replacing the current Tax Shell Game system with a fair and equitable system, has always been, one of the main parts of my OnGoing NonPartisan Presidential Campaign.

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