Camp Springforth Huntsville

Camp Springforth Huntsville

From Zac Caldwell

Camp Springforth is a weekend family for LGBTQ+ people and those who love them. If you’ve ever wondered if your family would be included at camp, Springforth WELCOMES YOU!

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Hi! I'm Zac, founder and glittermeister of Camp Springforth. 

I'd like to invite you to attend our inaugural event in Guntersville, AL (Near Huntsville), September 27, 28, and 29. 

I've been working in summer camps for over a decade, mostly in the south, but with some ventures throughout the rest of the country.  I've taught everything from arts and crafts to rappelling, lead hikes and river walks, guided kids through holding a snake for the first time and getting dumped for the first time.  

Camp is where I find myself, both literally- in that I just keep finding myself going back to camp whenever I need sunshine and fresh air- and idiomatically, in that camp has given me my identity, my nature, and my sense of self. 

Camp is magical, and it's especially magical for people who don't always feel like they belong. It's a place to build a perfect community, and I think that's especially valuable and important to people in the LGBTQ+ community. 

I have a unique opportunity to offer camp to families with LGBTQ+ members- it's hard to describe who I mean, because I really mean everyone, but I want to be specific. A Springforth family might have one parent or two, one mom or two, one dad or two. A Springforth family might have one son, or a daughter, or someone who is neither or hasn't really decided yet. Same-sex parents? Great- you're a Springforth family.  Trans* kid? Awesome!  You're a Springforth family!  None of the above, but looking for an inclusive and celebratory community? Come on in, the confetti's fine!

What's important to me is this: if you have ever hesitated to bring your family to camp, know that Springforth welcomes you. We are a place where your family is wanted, included, and celebrated. 

And we're going to have fun!  There will be dancing, art, tie-dye, silly songs, scary ghost stories, S'mores, and challenging obstacle course. There will be magical moments where you and your kids learn something together and capture a moment you can't find anywhere else. There will be quiet times overlooking the lake. 

This is what every family deserves. If you've ever wondered, ever hesitated to take your family to camp because you don't know how you'll be treated, come to Camp Springforth- you're wanted here. 

So here is our opportunity: YMCA Camp Chalakee has agreed to hold the dates of September 27, 28, and 29 open for me if I can find enough people interested in attending Camp Springforth Huntsville. If this campaign completes, it will be the inaugural event in something that I hope grows into a nation-wide community of families that support and love each other.  Join me in starting this wonderful, powerful thing- Thank you!

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