From Edin Becic

To help feed immigrant families migrating from Palestine and countries surrounding, coming to a country that steals from its own people and where political corruption is at an all time high.

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Ill start of with my name Edin Becic, born in Bosnia and Hercegovina, raised in Bowling Green KY. I feel like  people that are interested in hearing what I am trying to do will read through this. As we are all aware of whats going on overseas, the terrorism, innocent lives being takin families being broken apart due to one country trying to take over another. What most of us are not aware of is what happens to the ones that get out and are able to escape, where do they go, where do they end up?  Well everyday hundreds and hundreds end up here where I am, in Bosnia if you don't know where this is, its located in eastern Europe right beside Croatia. What makes Bosnia different from every other country in Europe is that we are not in the EU and most likely will never be due to the corruption going on still to this day. Citizens here struggle to make ends meet let alone an immigrant that came here from a warzone, not knowing the language, having anybody for guidance or being able to work. I do what I can giving the funds I am able to work with and still be able to keep a roof under my head, My goal here is to raise money and open a kitchen and a donation center, where these people can come and at least eat a warm meal and get a fresh pair of clothes. A lot of these people have not been able to take a shower for months, nor change the clothes because the ones on there back is all that they have. I am not saying we will touch every single person out here but at least we can get to everyone that walks by, or that we see. I will let google be my reference on this one, and hopefully this story gets out there and people read this, if you cannot donate please at least share. Get this out there, I know i would if I had a family member going through this situation. God bless you guys, and thank you for reading. 

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