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From John Yohan Park

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"One day, Honi the Circle Maker was walking on the road and saw a man planting a carob tree.Honi asked the man, “How long will it take for this tree to bear fruit?The man replied, “Seventy years.”Honi then asked the man, “And do you think you will live another seventy years and eat the fruit of this tree?”The man answered, “Perhaps not. However, when I was born into this world, I found many carob trees planted by my father and grandfather. Just as they planted trees for me, I am planting trees for my children and grandchildren so they will be able to eat the fruit of these trees.”

Hello. My name is Yohan who wants to live for youth and young adult. I took GLDI(Global Leadership Development Institute) in 2016.  After I took this course, I realized that why self-awareness is needed.

Today, many youth and young adult do not have a dream, or vision. They live for what they want and want to do. Most of them has short-sighted. They might enjoy their life, but when they get old, they may be disappointed of theirselves or regret what they did in the past. Because, they don't know who they are. 

There is a word 'meta-conginition' in psychology term. It means "aware of one's awareness". Human being has to have self-awareness so that he or she is helped to show one's leadership. I would say self-awareness is not affecting on only leadership. It affects everything.

This is the reason I want to get license from self-awareness tool as many as I can such as BIRKMAN, MBTI, GRIT, ENNEAGRAM, STRENGTHFINDER, and so on. I already got a license of self-management from 3P Self Management Institute from Korea.

You might be curious why I want take many licenses not one. Every tools have pros and cons, so I want to help people to look into theirselves. 

Through tools, I believe that young generation notice that what they are good at and bad at, and what they need to do in order to develop theirselves.


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