Buy Dad a Vitamix

Buy Dad a Vitamix

From Karen Simpson

MISSION COMPLETE due to magnificent generosity! Thank you all for your contributions.

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"Let food be thy medicine." - Hippocrates

When I was 13 years old, my dad was diagnosed with throat cancer.  Instead of choosing surgery to remove the cancer and half of his face, he chose chemotherapy and heavy doses of radiation. 

Through vigorous cancer treatment and his incredible strength, my Dad beat the cancer but would never be the same vibrant man who lifted weights in our basement.  

Over the next 17 years, eating, swallowing and talking became a struggle for Dad.  His ability to produce saliva was gone and his once boisterous voice was now a hoarse whisper.  The function of the muscles in his esophagus continued to get worse.  He would often get pneumonia because particles of food would end up in his lungs rather than going to his stomach.  Several years ago, my Dad was placed on a feeding tube and was told he would be on it for the rest of his life.  

Well, as soon as he realized what this was doing to his quality of life, my Dad was now on a mission to remove the tube and eat normally again.  He found a doctor that would take the tube out and work with him to get him to eat again.  After that, he  continued to struggle, and swallowing each bite became a battle.  

Even though my dad couldn't eat much, he continued to lose weight and was always uncomfortable, he still enjoyed spending time with his family.  Those who have met him know that he is one of the funniest men on the planet and that he loves to dance.  

Earlier this year, my dad had an extreme case of pneumonia which he had been battling for months.  He had been scheduled to undergo another surgery that would fix a hernia in his stomach (likely from all the coughing he was doing) and to fix the valve that connects the esophagus to the stomach.  He wasn't able to get this surgery until he was in good enough health, so they put him back on the feeding tube until he could overcome the infection. 

My dad did get better, and did get the surgery to fix him up so he could eat again.  But in order for my Dad to get off the tube and eat normally again, he has to be completely healed. This is where I'm asking you for your help...

The formula that my Dad is currently on is extremely low quality compared to the whole food that he should be eating.  Basically, the formula that he "eats" 4-5 times a day is comparable to a meal from McDonalds.  My dad is getting enough macronutrients to keep him alive, but he is not getting enough micro-nutrients to help him thrive again.  He is 71 years old, and the healing process has been essentially stalled because he cannot get enough good stuff to his cells. 

I'm asking for a small donation to help purchase a Vitamix (and maybe some high-quality organic produce) for my Dad.  Obviously I will chip in what I can when I can, but we all know how pricey using food as medicine can get.  I am looking forward to the day that my dad can enjoy a normal meal with his family again without choking or aspirating.   It is possible that Dad will be on the tube for the rest of life, but at least he will be getting the nutrition that he needs. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contribution. 

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