Business Start up funds for food truck!

Business Start up funds for food truck!

From Melissa Moretz

Hi! I am Melissa and I am raising start up funds for my food truck business. I need a truck to start. There is also a lot for sale that I can put the food truck on. Bringing a diverse taste of British foods to the city.

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This campaign means so much to me. I am disabled and have been discriminated against so much! I decided to take life by the horns and start a food truck business! I love to cook. I love to bring smiles on people's faces. I love to make people's taste buds dance! With British foods, I can do just that!

The funds will buy the truck and possibly the lot for it to sit on. There's a wonderful location where I can gain many customers by the bars and there's always events going on!  Eventually, I'd like to get a second food trailer to travel nationwide at events. While the trailer on it's home location there will be employees. I will provide jobs and delicious foods to the city!

I am working with Dept of Rehab too and they will match what I have but their cap is at $5000 so that's better than nothing. If I raise $60,000 I'll get that money with my $5000 and that will buy all the supplies needed to start the job! This city is full of food trucks at events. Most sell the same foods. My trailer will be unique. There's not one British food truck in my city. So I have the upper hand! 

I have struggled with loans, so here I am trying to fundraise the money to do this!  Your help is needed! Give me the chance to make a difference!

Thank you and God Bless you all. May abundance flows your way! Pay it forward.  I will do the very same thing to help another gain a business! 

Mum’s Fish n Chips LLC - business plan.

PRESENTED TO: Whom it may concern

DATE PREPARED: 03/04/2022

CONTACT INFO: Melissa Moretz

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: Text only 309 433 7695


The business plan as follows:


The purpose of this business plan is to secure $60,000 in order to fund the purchase, marketing and staffing requirements for the Mum’s Fish n Chips LLC Food truck/trailer restaurant  in Normal, IL.  Mum’s Fish n Chips LLC was founded by Melissa Moretz in 2021.  The funds invested will help launch the business and continue operations until the business is self-sustainable and successful.


To provide quality, authentic food to my community in a convenient   and affordable way in order to enhance the quality of my customer’s lives.  To bring a British dining experience that no other food truck can provide. 


To improve the happiness and comfort in my customers and community.

Melissa Moretz was born and raised in a small town, Dover Kent, England.  She immigrated to the USA in 1999 and had big dreams to start a food truck making comfort British foods. She is joined by her husband, John Moretz who has experience working in restaurants and cooking, and their daughter Sara Moretz.  This will be a family run business, with a goal to get a second food truck/trailer to expand and gain jobs for the community. The second food truck/trailer will be a nationwide business to serve my customers in various States. I will provide excellent customer service and delectable foods which will be well known in the city.

My customers reside and shop and work in the cities of  Bloomington and Normal, and surrounding areas within a 15 mile radius.  My food truck/trailer will be in these various locations during the week on a rotating schedule and will adjust the scheduling according to high traffic and high demand. I anticipate 18-70 year old patrons that will make up 90% of my revenue. 

I will offer low cost prices on my menu and adjust accordingly compared to competitors, accompanied by quality service and food offerings.  My core offerings  includes fresh made to order dishes of fish n chips, sausage in batter n chips, toad in the hole, curry and chips, gravy and chips, English breakfast on Sunday mornings cottage pie, bangers and mash as well as a selection for those who prefer a simple hamburger or chicken tenders.  I try to cater to different customers, so everyone gets a taste of Mum’s Fish n Chips LLC. 

Mum’s Fish n Chips food truck/trailer will use a combination of marketing, including social media, flyers and coupons and word of mouth.  I also plan to market with vendors to get the word out and supply samples customers can try. This in my opinion is the best form of marketing. 

I anticipate that I will reach a projected amount of $150,000 in annual sales by the end of the first 12 months.

To achieve my goal, I plan to secure funding via fundraising,  loans and any Government programs.   If I secure a loan I project that I will pay it off within 3 years.


  • Fish n chips. Beer battered cod filets with chips

  • Sausage in beer batter and chips

  • Toad in the hole mash potatoes green beans and gravy

  • Curry and chips Curry smothered chips 

  • Bangers and mash

  • Cottage pie

  • English breakfast

  • Hamburger n chips

  • Chicken tenders n chips


  • Fried mushrooms

  • Mozzarella sticks

  • Onion Rings


  • Hot tea with milk

  • Pepsi

  • Coke

  • Sprite

  • Bottle water

I will remain open 6 days per week.  Including holidays except Christmas Day.  I will supply a Thanksgiving dinner of a traditional Sunday roast. Which consists of, Roast potatoes, roast chicken, ham or beef, carrots and peas with gravy and yorkshire pudding, saving the customers chore of making a traditional American meal.  I project Mum’s Fish n Chips to flourish into a successful business attending events in uptown Normal and downtown Bloomington. Bringing smiles to customers faces and happy bellies.


$30,000 for the truck/trailer.

$10,000 conversion van to pull said trailer. $5,000 for supplies, plates, to go boxes, trash bags, plastic silverware. 

$5000 to supply offerings. 

$20,000 for the lot I plan to buy.

Owner and cook: Melissa Moretz 

Assistant and cook: John Moretz

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