Building Communities One Carnival At A Time

Building Communities One Carnival At A Time

From Starya Pope

I'm raising money for a community carnival! Donations will go towards the cost of the carnival, books, supplies, and gift cards, allowing families to participate and have a great time. Support my campaign!

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My son, Chauntel L. Tucker jr, was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, and everything changed. Growing up, he was always a very curious child- always reading and asking questions. He just always wanted to know everything. He was always researching. Whenever his siblings would fight, he would throw himself in the middle of it and try to meditate. He would always sit them down and try to find a peaceful solution.

He suffered from headaches for a year leading up to his diagnosis. The doctor would treat him for migraines, but no further investigation was made. I was shocked at the diagnosis.

He fought hard for two years until one day; he told me, “Mom, I'm ready to go home… I wanted to wait for you, but I’m ready to go home.”

He planned his whole funeral out. Always the gardener, he said that he didn't want to be buried. He wanted to be cremated and spread across our garden. He wanted to be used as fertilizer to nourish more growth in the garden even after his passing. This is the kind of person my son was.

Our carnival is to honor and celebrate my son by giving back to the community because that's what he loved to do. 

-Founder & CEO, Starya Pope (MOM)

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