Build An Action Network for Everyone

Build An Action Network for Everyone

From Citizen Jayne

To build a stellar online organizing tool like Action Network, without platform censorship. Everyone will be able to contact representatives immediately by email or phone in self-organized grassroots campaigns.

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Funds will be used to hire a developer or developers to build an effective communication and organizing tool for individuals and groups regardless of political position. The tool will be modeled on Action Network dot org. Please refer to that site for the basic idea.

The Citizen Jayne (or other such name) action tool is conceived as starting off immediately with:

1. Letter writing, petitions and call campaign tool to contact any or all of your representatives and/or officials at one time – in a just a few clicks

And then building out:

2. Ability to automate campaigns

3. Email list building and communications tool for personal list building

4. Social media and marketing integration

5. Analytics tool

6. Event organizing tool within integrated platform

7. Fundraising or monetization tools

8. Mobile messaging campaigns

9. Ability to network groups, individuals or campaigns

10. Activist info tool for activist/donor history

This tool is sorely needed, because it will put citizens back into democracy's driver's seat with effective communication with key representatives or actors and effective organization.

The main letter campaign tool will make it a snap to send letters to any or all of a person's congressional representatives at once.

The goal is to be able to organize mass action, meetings and town halls, online or offline, with relevant actors in order that the people may exercise their responsibility to self-govern and self-advocate, without institutional obfuscation.

As my prior letter writing campaign regarding the T R A C E Act (HR 6666) was prohibited from being sent to Congress due to Action Network platform censorship and termination of my account, I understood instantly the value of this tool for all people.

Please join me in building a tool everyone can use to effectively take action in these challenging times and beyond to a peaceful and prosperous future.

The letter writing tool is envisioned as also being applicable to press release campaigns to relevant media contacts, so as to generate even more buzz and awareness around your campaign. We will explore this integration with our developer(s).

The basic tool will be free to all for grassroots use and will offer basic letter/call campaigns and up to 10,000 emails if an email list function is desired. Email lists larger than 10,000 would incur some reasonable fees (ie., $5-10/month) as determined.


All donations are deeply appreciated. Donors will be the first to know when the tool goes live and will be offered a discount for paid accounts for one year.

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