build a successful brand

build a successful brand

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A brand is not just a name or logo that helps in positioning in the market. In the process of branding, a certain image and communications are formed that allow you to stand out among others, win consumer loyalty and create a positive image. Branding contributes to building long-term relationships with the target audience and increases competitiveness.

For the successful development of the brand, the help of a specialized agency is needed. Advertex marketing agency is an energetic and talented creative company from the UAE. The agency combines intellectual creativity with a sincere approach to collaboration, consistently achieving significant results through brand, communication, creative, and other digital channels for clients.

Each company needs a unique image, but often it is developed according to a clear and structured plan, consisting of 5 main stages.

Before you start creating an image, you need to decide on the purpose of branding. If you rely only on commercial interest, the development campaign is unlikely to be successful. It is important to consider the interests of the consumer: what is your benefit and value for customers?

For example, you are planning to trade tea and coffee - the niche is not unique and highly competitive. What value can the brand represent for the audience, in addition to purchasing quality products for making delicious drinks? And what if, in addition to tea and coffee, offer to gain knowledge? And to become not just an online store selling widely used goods, but "a company that wants to revive tea culture and holds monthly ceremonies, bringing together like-minded people and helping them exchange knowledge and experience."

If the company is already operating, you should analyze all available information regarding recognition, reputation, its current perception by consumers, and determine the features and benefits. So you can choose the vector for the further development of the brand.

The initial idea needs to be compared with the realities of the market in order to understand how viable it is. To do this, Advertex specialists carry out:

  • study of the current situation and trends in the market;

  • analysis of competitors, study of their positioning, strengths, and weaknesses;

  • definition of segments of the target audience and drawing up a portrait of the buyer. The portrait of the target audience should include detailed characteristics of a “real” person.

Marketing analysis requires a careful approach because as a result, you will receive comprehensive information about the niche, its development trends, and market prospects. You will be able to determine your main differences from competitors, the needs and characteristics of consumer behavior, and create a relevant offer.

Based on the information collected, the foundation of the future brand image is formed. It consists of 3 main bricks:

Accordingly, at this stage, you form certain emotions and associations that your brand will evoke.

After the “foundation” is formed, creative and creative work lies ahead, including an integrated approach for brand identification:

  • communicative component: the creation of naming, slogan, Tone of Voice.

  • visual component: corporate identity development (corporate colors, fonts, elements, rules for their use). Based on the brand identity, a logo, business cards, presentation templates, banners, advertising creatives, etc. are created.

When developing a verbal tone and corporate style, be sure to consider brand positioning.

The brand has been created. You need to tell your potential clients about it. To do this, an advertising budget is formed, KPIs are set, the most effective marketing tools and channels of interaction with the target audience are determined - developing a website or landing page, setting up contextual advertising, developing social media and targeting, ordering PR publications in the media, establishing partnerships. The final stage is the most “costly” and lengthy because you need not just to conduct an advertising campaign, but to correctly present the brand on the market, attract the target audience and achieve target indicators.

Often the actual results differ from those planned. And the reason is not necessarily implementation errors or bad planning.

The perception of the brand is influenced by external factors, the actions of competitors, market trends. Advertex will help you develop your brand, evaluate the effectiveness of communications and introduce new ideas to establish a close connection with the audience.

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