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Hi, my name is Kim and I am dying. I have end stage liver failure and may or may not be able to get a transplant. I need to get a second opinion from a better hospital than the one closest to me. Which is a 2.5 hr drive and the next closet is 4.5 hr drive but a much better hospital. I currently can't even afford to get a hotel room so I can be seen. My liver failure is due to Hepatitis B that I was born with. My mother is from Korea and there was no vaccines in the early 70s. So it's not anything I caused or could have done anything about it. I just have to deal with the fact that I could go at anytime and try to enjoy the life I have left. My husband is on VA disability and takes care of me constantly. I have applied for SS disability but it says I have to wait 6 months for a answer. While waiting on them we are also facing having to move. The owner of the rental we are in wants to sell the house soon. We can't find anything under $1000 a month which is more than my husband's income of $950 a month. That would leave us to broke to even pay our phone bill. Which I really need with all my medical issues and doctors. So what we are trying to do is find a way to buy a RV that we can live in. It's just the two of us and our dogs so we don't need much. Something slightly used but dependable since I can't afford a lot of repairs. We have some friends with land that are willing to let us park at. Also RV lots are usually around $500 a month and we can get by with that if the RV is paid for and I don't have to worry about payments. Plus I really want to go on a vacation. Something I haven't done in a long time and don't know how much longer I have to do it. My bucket list dream is to be able to travel around the country and tour National Parks. So my home and vacation is actually all in one. I am hoping that through the generous people that we can come up with enough to by

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