I just need your help with keeping my roof over my head.

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I`m a middle-aged college student, working on a bachelor degree for business, social work, and early childhood development… because I want to develop solutions for the fight against sex-trafficking. I had been living on my financial aid + a bit of extra here and there as needed, but things went wrong…..

>> I gave a LOT of my time and energy to a -40yo woman who lives with special needs / disabilities after her elderly disabled mother went into the hospital in early December 2018 {*and she`s still there with health issues}; the daughter is learning to live on her own {*I taught her to use the city bus to get around}. That activity caused me to fail my 2 college courses at the University of North Florida for Fall 2018, which means that UNF wouldn`t give me financial aid for Spring 2019 {as per their rules}. I ”brain-farted” in the Spring of 2019, and took courses that weren`t being paid for….. and the debt went to collections – which I have to pay off before registering for courses again.

>> I was doing day labor to have some income, until…..

>> in May 2019 – 3+ months ago – I volunteered to work the farm of some Christian missionaries while they went to Haiti…. because I wanted to get some hands-on experience in farm-tending, since that`s the main idea that I`ve come up with in my anti-sex-trafficking endeavors {a rehab farm}. I lost my balance from some steps, at the end of my last day, and landed in a pile of bricks. My left wrist broke {the triquetral bone} and dislocated, and my forearm and left hip sustained deep bruising, which caused pinched nerves.

I`ve been job-hunting, but it`s been difficult to get hired while sporting a medical brace on my wrist and limping from Sciatic pain in my interviews, along with not having much recent job experience because I`ve given myself to college for the past few years and raised kids prior to that. My friends and family have helped as much as they can with my smaller needs – electric, cellphone, et cetera.

I`m a “pass it forward” type of person, always looking for opportunities to be kind to others….. but right now I`m asking that of you. What would you want from others if you were in my position of needing a moment of financial assistance?

{note>> my profile photo shows my wrist, and me with my volunteer crew members at the food bank where we do charity to needy folks}

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