#bringbackourgirls.No one is talking about the displaced families,kids,deaths&health of the people

#bringbackourgirls.No one is talking about the displaced families,kids,deaths&health of the people

From Christopher Akhator

Many people campaigned for #bringbackourgirls but no one is talking about the displaced families, kids, deaths and health conditions of these people living in this communities.

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The whole world was taken aback when the islamist insurgents in Nigeria captured about 250 school girls. Immediately a campaign was started tagged #bringbackourgirls. This campaign went viral and world wide, leading to the intervention of foreign nations and disocvery of where the girls were being held. The truth is that the other side of the war against this Islamic group, the Boko Haram, has not being told. Long before the capture of the girls, the community has been in turmoil and were constantly devastated with the frequent attacks  by this group. Many of the women and young girls have been frequently captured, raped and abused. There have been constant fighting and killings in the area. Many of the people are now displaced and have no homes to go to, because their homes have been either burnt or bombed down, leaving them to be easy preys. So many kids have stopped going to school.The enviroment is harzarodus and there is no good health care, as such so much death is accounted for and these are lives which would have been saved.

We are 4 friends, who travelled to the country on a reasearch studies and decided to visit the region. It was really a pathetic site to see. We were all shocked at what we saw and broke down in tears. Immediately, we decided to remain, put our funds together to help the people.

What we discovered is that the Boko Haram group basically focus thier attacks on christians and christian communities.We were able to gather together 156 families and each family is made up of the father, mother and about 4 kids. It wasn't an easy task but in 3 weeks, we lost 26 families to suprise attacks by the Boko Haram group and another 12 people to health related sicknesses.

We eventually put our money together to take care of these families. OUr plan is to relocate each of them to a more secured location or another state, register the kids back in school and help the parents get something doing because this is the only way they can be truly safe and this requires a lot. They also have to feed each day, till we are able to relocate them and they need health care. In 5 weeks, we have been able to help relocate 21 families to a safer state, put their kids back in school and the parents have something doing to enable them take care of their families again.

One of the kids once called us "Operation Heaven on earth" but we preferred not to be labelled. We just want to do what we can to really help.Right now, we are running out of our personal funds, which we have been using to help, assist, feed, relocate and take care of the people. We would like to help each of them get to a safer place and start their lives again and you can help them too. Many of them have lost their kids, loved ones and relatives. For the kids who have lost their parents, we try to fix them up with the ones we have beeen able to help, but there are still more.

It cost about $35 to feed them everyday. Relocation and resettlement cost about $976 per family. Please help to relocate these families and make them safe.They also need prayers, which is the most important


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