Bring this Father home!

Bring this Father home!

From Jocelyn Peraza

This is Ezekiel and his Daddy Anthony who has never held his baby. Anthony is in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Our family is reaching out for help to hire an attorney who will fight for Anthony to go home. Thank you

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My fiancé Anthony was arrested in August of 2017. He is being wrongfully accused of a crime that involves losing his freedom for a lengthy time. Our hope as his family is to show the world that this he is an honest man who takes pride in being a father and a soldier of Christ. With the help of donations and prayers, we believe that he will have a chance to come home. 

Since Anthony has been away from home, he has been missing out on the opportunity to watch our son grow each day that passes by. He has been missing out on spending his days with his mom who he dearly misses and loves. I too, have felt an empty feeling after giving birth to Ezekiel, our son, without Anthony by my side. We have spent many, sleepless nights trying to take care of our family as we go through this hardship. Anthony has taken the initiative to take on and study his own case, as his mother Laurie and I look for a lawyer who we believe will fight for his life. 

Our family is devastated knowing that Anthony’s freedom is at stake right now. Our goal is to raise enough money to retain a lawyer and be able to provide Anthony and our family a chance to be reunited. As extensive as this case is, it is important to us that we try to give Anthony the proper representation he needs in court. We would like to thank you ahead of time for the thoughtful prayers, and financial support coming from each of you who is willing to generously provide for Anthony and our family.

We are currently looking for an attorney who is willing to take on Anthony’s case, which involves going to trial in January 2019. We have interviewed several different criminal defense attorneys and have found that for a case such as Anthony’s, in order to even begin the process, we are looking at up to $30,000 (depending on the attorney’s requirement) to retain an attorneys services.

We have been holding God close to our hearts, as we believe he will protect and strengthen us through this time. We know that God has a plan for Anthony and our family and all of us have been walking each day by faith and not by sight.

Our longing for Anthony to be home comes from our deep love for him and wanting to stop the pain and heartache of his absence. Anthony needs to be home with us. My biggest hope and desire is for Anthony to hold our newborn son Ezekiel. To love him, provide for him, teach him and be such a great role model for him.

We are reaching out to ask for your prayers and your financial support whether you feel a desire to donate even a dollar, it is greatly appreciated. As Anthony’s family, we are forever grateful for everyone who has taken the time to help us in any way possible.

There’s nothing I, as a current single mother, want more than to have Anthony home so we can raise our beautiful son Ezekiel together as a family, and as a team with God by our side.  

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

-Jocelyn Peraza 

Below is a letter from Anthony's mother Laurie. Anthony also wanted to contribute and wrote a letter himself. I typed up the letter he sent me in the mail. Thank you for reading. 

-Hello, family friends and anyone who has come across this page. The situation that I am in is known to consume people’s minds until you begin to see the worse of it all, but I have chosen to let God mold me and guide me through these hard times.

There are moments when I feel empty, moments where I feel lonely and moments when I feel confused. My faith has been put to test time after time and God has remained consistent. He has shown me how to replace expectation with gratitude and through him my strength has been renewed.

I have been fortunate enough to have a caring and supporting wife and a newborn son. When I see my son I feel an inexplainable sense of love and with my wife, an undeniable, sincere foundation. My heart longs to be with them so I may begin to protect provide and love my family the way I know I can. I have never felt a love so deep. They are my life, motivation and understanding. Watching Ezekiel grow during incarceration is an obstacle I hurdle through everyday. He is a sole purpose and a blessing that has been brought into my life.

I am eager to come home so that I can hold my son in my arms for the first time. I await the days where I’ll be able to rock him to sleep, experience his steps and his many other milestones he’ll be soon accomplishing. What a joy and honor it is to be a parent and a Father. I promise to always keep faith and never quit fighting until I come home to you Ezekiel.

This time here on earth only amounts to a second in our eternal life where I’ll be loving you always, my son. 2 Chronicles 20:15 says “Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the battle is not yours but God’s” I believe strongly that if I surrender my problems to God, he will strengthen, help and uplift me.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to reach out to my friends and family and the people who are willing to support me and encourage me through this hardship.

Thank you for all for your love and kindness. I pray and hope to be home with you all soon.Blessings,


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