Bring the DeLoyola's Home

Bring the DeLoyola's Home

From Carolyn Haynes

My mom and dad (Christina & David), were horseback riding on the beach while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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Unfortunately, the horse Dave was on reared up throwing him off the back, and then the horse fell on him. We think the saddle horn landed on his thigh damaging multiple muscles. No broken bones. And he was on sand and some water which may have saved him from a broken femur. After a very very long ambulance ride, my parents ended up at Vallarta medical center Emergency Room. His left thigh was three times the size of his right and black and blue from hip to knee. At this point we were still thinking they could fly home the next day They had an orthopedic surgeon come in that did a bunch of tests and decided to admit him for the night. They wrapped his leg tight to stop the swelling and he was in sooo much pain. But after they unwrapped it the next morning the pain diminished slightly. We were told that due to blood clots he would not be able to fly for a bit.

As days go on, we are realizing that my parents are stuck in Mexico. Dave cannot even bend his leg, so we are unsure how they will be able to fly back to Portland any time soon. With Christmas approaching, last-minute flights are quadrupling in price. On top of medical bills, Dave will be off work for the foreseeable future.

Please help us get my parents home, whenever it is safe to do so. We miss them and want dad to be able to heal surrounded by his family and in the comfort of his own home.

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