Bring Sadiki Home

Bring Sadiki Home

From Asha Greenwood

I’m raising money for a lawyer that is capable of bringing my brother to Justice. Sadik Allwood was wrongfully committed and sentenced to life in prison at the age of 24. Taken away from his unborn son and family.

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First I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my story. My name is Asha and I’m the little sister of Sadiki Allwood. When my brother wad taken away our family was ripped apart and heartbroken. How could this even be legal is what I keep asking. On Feb/10/2014 My brother was walking out of his apartment when he was approached with multiple unmarked cars, multiple men got out of the cars and began to approach him, not knowing who these men were he began to run. He was shot in the back and arrested. That’s when he found out that these men were police. Sadiki’s older brother Maccabe who suffers with manic depression was left in the apartment looking out the window to see his brother almost killed. Orlando police threw tear gas into the apartment and also arrested him. This put Maccabe in an even worse state of depression. The law enforcement claims that they originally was responding to a 911 call about someone in the complex but not sadiki specifically. They searched his apartment without a warrant and found nothing. The stayed on the scene for hours planting evidence, my mom got the call late around 9pm when the incident took place early around 5pm and police and Swat was still on the scene. They said they found a weapon at the playground that was far away from where my brother was shot, there was no fingerprints or gun powder found so they later dropped his gun charge but still convicted him with attempted murder against a police officer. None of it makes any sense, in court they failed to inform the jury that the officers were all in undercover cars and clothes, when Sadiki’s lawyer brought it up the judge said it wasn’t necessary for them to know. Wow 

Maccabe was released of course but put into a bad state of mind that me and my family had to deal with, now that his brother is gone he was totally loosing his self. Sadiki’s girlfriend was pregnant and didn’t have him there to see his child be born. My family is in distraught, this isn’t right at all. we’ve paid around 20,000 between two different lawyers already and unfortunately they weren’t able to succeed. We can’t afford another lawyer and time is running out, we need to appeal his case. It’s been almost 10 years I can’t go on knowing his life has been taken away for no reason at all. He’s a good person, he loves his family and he loves people. He would help anyone without them even asking. He was taking care of his older brother when he couldn’t take care of himself. Sadiki doesn’t deserve this, his son deserves a father please help us bring him home before it’s too late. 

Anyone that has information on a criminal defense lawyer That can help feel free to reach out via email - [email protected] 

Thank you all and God bless 

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