Bring Saba Back to Life

Bring Saba Back to Life

From Alborz Kooh

Saba is a young girl suffering from a brain tumor and neglect at the hands of her doctors. Please help us bring her back to life.

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Saba is a young girl suffering from a brain tumor and neglect at the hands of her doctors. Please read the following message from Saba's father:

On September 2008, my daughter Saba happily proceeded to go to school and began her pre-university year. After a while in February 2008, she began getting splitting headaches which made us start her treatments. Considering that the doctor inaccurately diagnosed her with Sinusitis, we lost a lot time in curing Saba. Meanwhile her headaches were getting worse. .Gradually, in addition to those terrible headaches ,deviation? in the eyes became noticeable. We doubled up our efforts and pursuits of the situation so that on January 26th 2008, we learned the disease from which our child was suffering. Her doctor said a tumor had developed in her cerebellum. Her brain pressure was high and she had to be operated on immediately. On January 28th 2008, she underwent an operation for a cerebral Shunt. This surgery creates a small passage which allows movement of fluid from one part of the body to another. On January 31st 2008, the operation took place. Her surgeon was so pleased and said that the rest of the tumor would be removed by radiation therapy. After a few days Saba got dismissed feeling physically good. After a while, however, Saba’s doctor said that the shunt was in the wrong position and so we decided to hospitalize Saba again. On February 16th 2008, the doctors operated on her one more time to change the place of the wrongly positioned shunt. After the operation, her doctor, using Saba’s CT Scan, mentioned that he again was not satisfied with the new place of the shunt; therefore, she had to be returned to the O.R for the fourth time.

 On February 17th 2008, after spending some time in the hospital, she was dismissed after the operation even though the doctors were still not satisfied with the status of the shunt. After the recovery of the stitches the process of radiation therapy began and lasted 33 sessions. After an MRI was done, her treating doctor was very happy with Saba’s condition, since the growth of the remainders of the tumor had stopped. We then started her chemotherapy which was supposed to last for 2 sessions. They also took a sample of my little girl's marrow. The treating doctor said that the result was quite pleasing and the tumor has not penetrated her marrow.

On April 20th and May 21st 2008, Saba's first and second sessions of chemotherapy respectively took place. Later on, after the chemotherapy sessions, the shunt stopped working which made  her spend a lot of time sleeping. The treating doctors had warned us that in the case of her sleeping  too much we must take her to the hospital, and we did so. After 24 hours in the emergency room and several inspections they dismissed her saying that there was nothing to worry about. After a couple of days, we took her to the hospital once more because her condition worsened and she felt terrible, but unfortunately it was the holidays and there were no doctors present in the hospital except for some interns doing their shift. After hospitalizing my sweet girl, who was getting weaker and weaker, one more time they concluded that there was  a problem with the part of the shunt that was in her stomach. They took my little girl to the operating room and operated on her stomach. Unfortunately, the problem not only remained but Saba also continued to suffer from stomachaches regularly.

After some in vain operations, they dismissed Saba ignoring her awful stomachaches. After that day we took her back to the hospital since she was not feeling very well. They operated on her again with no result and at the end she became ill with Meningitis. Unfortunately during this period, as we hoped that we could save this wingless angel, the working personnel in the hospital suggested that we had better delegate her to science and stop curing her. After almost 11 operations on Saba by some residents, her treating doctor returned from an overseas trip and performed a new operation which was successful. Saba's survival signs and her communication with her surroundings were back and she was supposed to be dismissed in a couple of days. It was shocking that in the period of 40 days in the ICU, in spite of being a little girl, she had gotten bedsick with bruises on her legs and had become weak enough to be inactive. Saba's operations are very complicated operations known as Tracheostomy and first-year residents are not expected to perform them, yet these residents had operated on Saba. Despite all of this, Saba was feeling okay. She was able to communicate with her surroundings and her treating doctor was pleased once again. Again on July 10th 2008, when a nurse was trying to change the gas under the track, the track came upward and little Saba started to feel restless. Saba's mother was standing next to her at that moment, holding her lovely hands, doing whatever she could in order to make her calm. It is worth noting that the alarm of Saba’s monitoring device was always in the silent mode and when we mentioned this to the authorities, they just reassured us not to worry, because they had an eye on her and there was no need for any alarms.

When Saba's mother asked a nurse to come and figure out the reason for my child's restlessness, the nurse tried to send out Saba's mother from ICU but faced the mom's resistance. After a while the nurse came back, saw her standing there again, and told her: "You are still standing there ", and Saba’s mom said: "Yes, Saba in crying too much, please calm her down or find out the reason that has made her this restless and then I will get out ," but the nurse answered: "You just leave. We will take care of that." Saba's mom left the  ICU unwillingly and still worried about her sweet little  girl as she waited outside of the room. She says that Saba turned back to her crying and asking for help which was quiet noticeable in her eyes. Unfortunately the nurse was not even trying to find out the cause of all of Saba’s impatience. When  Saba's mom left the ICU, she told me about the problem and said that Saba had begun to cry and feel impatient all of a sudden and there might be a problem with her track. At almost  twenty  past seven in the morning, we were told by a friend in the ICU to go to the door, since Saba was feeling awful and intense. When we got there, I entered the room and encountered my little child's  body which was swollen, covered with bruises , and completely motionless.I could not recognize Saba anymore because her face had completely changed. Despite a lot of resistance from hospital staff, I pushed myself in quickly asking the reason for Saba's terrible condition. Her tracheostomy had been displaced and they could do nothing to put it right again as the residents were in an examination meeting .Because of this we lost precious time. Saba had spent almost 20 minutes without oxygen causing the medical team to give shocks to her body which finally made her heart work again. But this time a complication in the brain resulted in a coma that made situation worse than ever. When her father entered the ICU after resistance by personnel, Saba was like a balloon, swollen and full of bruises which is shown in a photo taken of her during that time. After one day Saba became conscious again with an IQ of 5 (it was 3 the day before).They took Saba off of the breathing device and she started to breathe normally herself. After ten days we took her out of the hospital to take good care of her at home. So far, after 2 years and 2 months, we have done our best to keep her alive while getting no help from the doctors and despite our bad financial situation. On May 11th 2010, I, Saba's father, sold my kidney for money and have gone into a lot of debt. The hospital not only takes no responsibility in this matter but also has threatened us several times. We are still shocked that our little girl, who had normal vital signs, suffered a drop in her IQ from 10 to 3 in forty minutes. The doctors say nothing about this matter except that they are not responsible and they give no explanation about her sudden heart attack. They do not even offer an explanation for the displacement of her tracheostomy or the reason that the alarm of the monitoring device was on silent. Also they do not explain the reason that they had kept her Meningitis hidden from us. I know just one thing and that is that Saba's current condition is terrible. I am asking those who can help me financially to give life to my little lovely girl and make her able to go back to school happily again. I am sure that we can resurrect Saba. All the films, news links, Saba's letters and my letter to the president of Iran will be attached to this letter. Please help us bring my angel back to life!!!!!!

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