Bring Justice and Fight the Evil

Bring Justice and Fight the Evil

From Chenar Ali

I am raising money to defeat Evil with a legal case and to raise the awareness with winning my studies.

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Hi everyone. I arrived in Hungary in 2018 as a recipient of the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship. I am studying PhD. I want to explain several concerns at this University.

1.      During my study, My supervisor set me in a very old laboratory which is not safe to do experiments inside due to the missing several safety requirements. As a consequence of safety negligence, in November 2019, I have diagnosed with a food allergic reaction.

2.      This supervisor often uses international students from third-world countries for University and personal needs. You will face severe consequences and verbal abuse if you stand against that discrimination or stop his retaliation. He is sure that he will get support from all staff inside the University when he takes any action against any international student he wants. After I stood up and stopped his discrimination, he started to fight me back unjustly with humiliation, retaliation, verbal abuse, and cancelling my scholarship. Then he started to intimidate me with my degree. Then after witnessing this injustice, as I am a foreigner and he is the local, he felt vital to do all these with an agreement with the head of PhD school as he is his close friend. Since then, he started to use his connections and influence the local people against me as a foreigner.

3.      This year, the University began to file a patent based on my research achievements. After some back-and-forth discussions with my supervisor regarding some documents, I suspected something was illegal inside those papers. Then asked for revocation of the patent. The University held a committee meeting to investigate the patent revocation. Then turn out, my supervisor had illegally given himself a 34% share of my invention. As a result, the disciplinary member considered this patent process illegal and then decided to stop the patent. Later on, the University tried to save its own reputation, and they all started to work against me until they misled me to legalise their illegal documents.

Consequently, now I lost the patent, the scholarship, the PhD finishing grant, partly my mental and physical health, a lot of time, and maybe even the chance to defend my PhD rightfully under the same supervisor.

I recently asked from University regarding my student status for the upcoming year because I am not finished with my credits, still working on my dissertation, and have an experiment to repeat. But they declared they would not support me in extending my residency card to finish my study and finalize the dissertation here. They try to push me back to my country to save themselves. For this, I am asking for your support to open a lawsuit against this injustice and be able to finish my study. And show the world that as humans, when we come together, we are more powerful with the power of God than any evil group anywhere in the world that tries to bring mischief into societies.

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