Bring joy to the men who fought for our freedom

Bring joy to the men who fought for our freedom

From Darren Casey

We are fundraising to help the homeless veterans to be able to have a home

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Every penny counts let's help our heroes be able to live in a houes just like you and me.

THIS!!!!!!!! Not ALL ppl are homeless because they are addicts. But since y'all wanna speak on my favorite topic. Let's chat. Ever been to the trap houses? Ever sat down with the "dirty trashy addicts" and tried to figure out how they got there? I have. How many addicts have had all their belongings stolen? If you have no ID you can't get an ID. If you have no shower or clean clothes then how do you get a job? If you haven't eaten in a week or two and you have no job and no ID then how do you buy food? Do you know that a bag of meth costs just as much as a meal at McDonald's? And that McDonald's is gonna go thru your system and your gonna be hungry again in a few hrs. That bag of meth is gonna block the hunger pains for at least a day. Do you know that to enter a rehab you can't talk to your family for at least a week, you can't smoke and you can have no caffeine? So basically your withdrawing from everything your system knows all while being completely isolated and probably locked up with ppl that you don't like or that make you uncomfortable. Now let's talk about what can be done. Let's create some sort of liaison with social security and vital statistics so these ppl can get an ID. They cant get a job or a room or visit the food pantries without it. Y'all mock the crazy lady with the shovel walking around in her underwear. She was trying to make money while everyone mocked her. Ever been exposed to the elements 24 hrs a day. Ever been hungry, cold, or roasting hot for more than a few hours. These ppl are stronger than you think. I've sat in trap houses and watched crack heads paint pictures Picasso would envy. Ive watched young ppl blow the most beautiful glass bubbles with nothing but a blow torch and his lips. I've seen ppl buy speakers for $20 and flip em for $150. I've met singers, and dancers, and poets that wrote sonnets so deep your heart cries. But instead of tapping into that energy and talent we mock it cuz we don't know what it's like to live that life. We didn't always have houses and electricity and wifi. These ppl survive how they can and who are we to say they can't sleep next to a river that belongs not to us but to the universe. Don't like the mess? Cool create fire pits, put a few trash cans out and some needle disposal boxes. And how about for community service we make these bad kids go out on the weekends and clean up the riverbanks. They want this gang life, ok let's give em chain gangs and maybe in the meantime they can get a lil taste of the hard life. Prison is nothing compared to the life these ppl live. Prison provides 3 meals, healthcare, and temperature regulation, work programs, education, and tv. The homeless have access to none. Stop complaining and get out from behind the damn screens and talk to ppl. Buy em a cup of coffee, offer them some food, some deodorant or a change of clothes and show them you care. Even if you can't save them, you've shown them that they are worth it and loved and that's what the world needs more of. Copy & pasted. I'm a recovering addict.. I've loved many; whether recovered or not. This moved me. Because I've been homeless and I'll always be an outcast,even now there's people in this world that don't think I will make it. And you know what? That feeds me that energizes me that completely fuels my drive,not only am I going to make it,I'm going to surpass it,I'm going to beat their statistics and help others beat the statistics. As a matter of fact, paste this if you're tired of being a statistic.. Big Love those suffering, I'll never stop loving you. The struggle is real

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