Brent W Morgan's assault and stolen saxophone.

Brent W Morgan's assault and stolen saxophone.

From Brent W Morgan

On OCT 1st at approximately 1:00 am I was beaten down and pepper sprayed on the 3rd street LRT platform in downtown Cedar Hill

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  It was a blind-side attack and I had no chance to defend myself.  I have no idea who the attackers are.  All they stole from my was my saxophone.  They didn't take my wallet or the pockets full of money from the busking I had just done earlier that night.  This saxophone has been my only instrument for the past 20 years of my 28 years of playing.   It is a world class, high end instrument that cannot be easily replaced.  It was the saxophone equivalent of a Ferrari, as well as being important to me like my wife. For those wondering, it was Julius Keilwerth JKSX90-R, s/n 113738.  Gold lacquer, and I was using a cheap Juipter neck on it that was brass lacquer.  It had a metal Meyer 6 mouthpiece, and was in an ugly beat up green case with a hole burned through the front pocket.  Respectfully and with all humility, I am asking the internet's help with even getting a down-payment together for a new horn.  It has touched my heart how many people have already reached out to me with offers to simply give me horns, and of course I did take someone up on one.  But while the kindness is overwhelming, the unfortunate reality is that they are for the most part not truly up to the demands of professional level work as a musician, and I simply do not have anywhere near enough resources to manage this on my own.  Even the mouthpiece that I have been playing for song long will cost about $300 to replace, and that is just the part the the reed attaches to.For every person that is kind enough to donate I would be happy to teach you or someone else you know a sax lesson, and in general I have never actually charged for sax lessons unless the student was super wealthy.  I've never had any money, really, and my sax was a grad gift from 20 years ago and really the only nice thing I have ever owned.  The internet has already melted me heart through such an awful time for me just by caring and sending me messages.   I humbly ask for your help in financing some kind of professional instrument to replace the one that was robbed from me.Thank you all so much!

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