Breast Cancer Costs

Breast Cancer Costs

From Michelle Tittle

Costs for my treatment and testing for treatment progess for my Stage 3B metastatic breast cancer is beyond my budget. I ask for any help you can give. MRI/PET scans cost 250 copays each, Dr copays 50 each visit, etc.

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I was first diagnosed with Stage 2A invasive ductal carcinoma in April 2018. Had lumpectomy and cleared all out. It came back, fast and furious. The cancer sprouted again in the same place as before but has also spread into chest wall and its skin, including many lymph nodes in breast spreading to under the arm (left). I am on targeted therapy with a chemo pill and estrogen prohibitor. I am to be tested with MRI and/or PET scan, every 3 months, to check on my progress. The copay each time is $250. I still owe $460 for the last two, and was supposed to have another this month (January) but I told doc I can't pay for it. I had to do labs only on my last Dr visit because I did not have the $50 copay, and still owe for the last one. Rx costs are getting a bit much as well. I just don't make enough $ to keep up and stay on course. I cannot find resources to help unless I can not work or am Stage 4. Well I do not want to not be able to work, and I do not want to get to stage 4. :( 

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