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BreakFree Movement

From Terrance Lee

Alcohol claims the lives of 5 people every minute. Join the movement to expose alcohol as the world’s deadliest drug and free society from the grip of alcohol.

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I’ve seen so many lives harmed by alcohol, including my own. What is most disturbing is this highly addictive drug is never questioned or blamed. 

I mean look around; alcohol is everywhere. Alcohol marketing is unavoidable and….Even if YOU never wanted to drinkperhaps you had a parent who was addicted to alcohol and were repulsed by the idea. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 28 million children who have an alcohol-addicted parent. #TheREALCostOfAlcohol. 

Most teens can't fight the pressure and social conditioning forever and begin drinking by high school or college. Since alcohol is incredibly addictive, many become dependent. The alcohol addiction and harm spectrum is vast and ranges from minor health issues to terminal conditions, ruined lives, destroyed families, and death. The devastation caused by alcohol is so common—in the United States, one person dies every six minutes from alcohol—but we minimize the proof that it is addictive and does nothing good for any of us.  Instead, we only point the finger at the people most obviously out of control. The result? A socially ingrained substance that is unchallenged, impervious to blame. Alcohol is granted collective permission to ravage our lives while we turn a blind eye and continue imbibing. This all must change.We deserve to have a choice. It’s time we expose alcohol as the world’s deadliest drug and empower society to make informed decisions about alcohol. 

Please remember, the goal is NOT prohibition—that is not the answer as people will still want to drink and will still believe this drug is integral to their relief and happiness.

We are not victims. We are empowered to make big change to so people have a choice. 

Together can do this. Together, we can BreakFree.

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