Break free from abusive person

Break free from abusive person

From Sabrina Manda

Pay my debts to my half sister which forces me to do things I don't want. Currently I have to date a millionaire, do everything he wants, because my half sister wants his money. I just want to go back to my son.

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Hello, my name is Sabrina, I'm 21 years old and live in the Philippines. If you have been to my country, you probably know that most people here have a different understanding of a serious relationships. Cheating is like a popular sport here. So when I was 16 I decided to choose a 49 year old german as my partner, because I thought at least he will not cheat on me and I have a peaceful and stable life. Never have I been more wrong in my life. He used me in every way, always lied, broke all his promises, he even drugged and then raped me which is how I lost my virginity. When I woke up in the morning, I couldn't remember anything, the bedsheet was full of blood and my lower body hurt a lot. I was so ashamed, that I stayed with him. I had to tell my family that I lost my virginity before marriage and we are a very religious family. I felt like I have no choice but to stay with him, no matter what he did. Every day I gave my best to be a good girlfriend for him, I cooked, cleaned, did the laundry, everything just for him and I hoped that one day he will see what a good girlfriend I am. But he is a very selfish man, always took from me, never even said thank you, nothing. He pushed me emotionally to the edge so that I collapsed and when I did the only words he said was "drama drama". After 2 years with him I got pregnant and I delivered a beautiful son. His name is Marc. Sadly I had to give him to my mom, because financially I can not take care of him and his father never wanted to. After I came back from the hospital I found out that he invited one of his other girls to our home while I delivered my child alone. Even after all of this I still stayed with him because I loved him. Three more years full of disappointment, pain and humiliation, I was visiting my family and son when my boyfriend decided to change the locks of all doors, invited again one of his other girls to live him. When I couldn't open the door with my key, I texted him only to find out that he blocked me and I had no chance to contact him anymore. Since then it has been a year full of tears, broken heart and despair. In the end I moved in with my half sister but with this the current problem started. I borrowed money from her, because I had nothing left, but I still cannot pay it back. So she's always telling me I owe her and makes me do things I don't want. These days she's forcing me to date a millionaire from a different country. She demands that I will do whatever he wants so that he will give me some of his money which of course I have to give immediately to her. I have a new boyfriend, Jannick, he gives me hope, but I'm also afraid to loose him, when he finds out about the millionaire. I appreciate every help to get out of this situation. I want to build my own life, be there for my son and finally have some peace. I thank you already so much that you read my story, God bless you.

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