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Brandi Wright was getting ready for work at her local Fresno restaurant on April 21, 2022, when she started feeling unwell. He began to feel dizzy, nauseous, cold sweats, chills, and severe headaches. When his mother and sister drove him to the hospital, he was unresponsive and paramedics immediately called him. He was then airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital, where he underwent emergency brain surgery. Surgeons later explained that Brandi Wright had suffered a sudden left subdural hematoma and a series of strokes. His surgery involved making an incision on the left side of his head and removing most of his skull.


A brain hemorrhage and stroke severely affected his movement, motor skills, language and memory. Brandi Wright will have a long recovery ahead of him as he continues to undergo neurology, neurosurgery and vascular surgery.


He will remain in the hospital until his health recovers and then move to a rehabilitation facility for physical and occupational therapy. We expect those costs to exceed his health insurance benefits. Brandi Wright was loved by many who knew him. His family and friends have been by his side every day since the accident and will continue to be as he recovers.


As Brandi Wright's Cousins and aunts, we set up this fund to help him pay all the bills he accumulated during his recovery and recovery, which will not be covered by insurance. If you can't donate, please let him in your prayers and share this link. Thank you very much. !

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