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Braivenroad's need a help

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Getting The Articles that You Have Accepted in an Instant Without Any Hesitation! – part 3

3. If you feel that there is a need to add a link to the body of your article, then you must do so not on the first paragraph, or as long as it is not within the first three.

It should be done this way because the link that you would include the article could possibly distract the one who is going to read your article, because of this that reader may no longer continue reading the article, in the event that the person gets too distracted with it. That is why, adding a link to the article that you have should be done after you have written three paragraphs of your article.

4. The article that you are going to write should definitely have a title that describes all about the article.

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This should already be obvious.

When you write the article, you should take into consideration the title that you made and how you would be able to relate it to what the article is basically talking about.

If for instance you the title of your article says “10 Ways That You Should Consider in Choosing A Gym while in New Jersey”, then this means that the article should be able to incorporate ideas that talk about ways as to how people would be able to choose a gym, being more specific that the gym should be located in New Jersey. The information that you are going to provide should be specifically about the gyms in New Jersey because this location is specified in the title.

However, if for instance the article is speaking in general as to the things that needs to be considered when people go out and look for a gym, then the title of the article should be changed into something that is more general, like for instance, “10 Ways To Be Considered When Choosing A Gym”.

When you write, you should also consider writing for those whom you intend to talk to, and there should always be value to what the readers are going to read.

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5. When it comes to keywords, you should go easy on these.

There may possibly be a lot of instances when people would really try to put as many keywords as they can, without thinking if they actually help make it become a good article or they actually help make it complicated for the readers because the keywords are simply thrown out in the entire article. People may possibly think that by doing this, they would be able to become more enticing to search engines like Google however this is a common misconception that one should veer away from.

The article should be written naturally and not try to write something impressive and just use the keywords provided.

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