Brain cancer domestic helper wishing for family reunion

Brain cancer domestic helper wishing for family reunion

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"Sheryll is being diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma on her brain, which chemotherapy medicines could be effective to stabilise her condition, please help Sheryll to live so she could see her family soon!"

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Brain cancer Sheryll Needs your help to return home!

"Sheryll is being diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma on her brain, which chemotherapy medicines could be effective to stabilise her condition, please help Sheryll to live so she could see her family soon!"My name is Jacinta, I am the employer of Ms. Cayabyab Sheryll Dela Cruz (34 yr old) who is working in Singapore as domestic helper. Sheryll was being sent to hospital last week and within 3 days, she was already in ICU due to critical condition of brain cancer.Sheryll has been working for me since 2019 August (11 months). She is the first helper I've ever hired and I treat Sheryll like my sister, more than just a helper. Both of us are single mom and we connect very well. She takes great care of my 3 yr old son and my son loves her a lot. With great personality, Sheryll has a lot of friends in Singapore and is very closed with her family in Philippine. I sincerely hope Sheryll condition could be improved soon so she could return to Philippine for family reunion, to see her daughter.

How it started?Three weeks ago (mid of June), Sheryll was telling me that her right leg was abit numb and in pain, she was also feeling very tired and sleepy all the time, so I let her rest. Noticing her unusual pattern of resting duration, I took her to see General Practitioner (GP) at local Clinic on June 26th (as hospital directed me to see GP first for referral letter). The GP said Sheryll might be having muscle ache only and prescribed her Panadol.June 28th Sunday was her rest day and she went out with her friends as usual. However on the following Monday June 29th, Sheryll sent my 3-yr old son to childcare which was only 20 minutes away from home. After 2.5 hours, I received a message from her saying she didn't know how where the childcare was. Luckily I found them at the MRT station. From that point, Sheryll already started to lose the sense of direction, she could't remember where the home is even though the building was right in front of her.

On Tuesday June 30th, I decided to send her to hospital directly and the Tan Tock Seng Hospital admitted her. Within 3 days, Sheryll was being transferred to ICU due to her worsening health conditions. The doctors informed me that she is having brain tumor and did brain biopsy to check what type of cancer.

We are still waiting for the biopsy result for giving her targeted treatment (July 6th), and the doctors also did CT scan to check whether the cancer spread to other part of the body.Being Sheryll's employer and a single mom, I am trying my very best to help. Her family is wishing to improve her health condition so Sheryll could be transferred back home for family reunion asap. Her medical expenses is becoming very expensive and I am unable to afford it (due to the tumor location in brain and the paying foreigner rate in hospital bill), while the insurance for domestic helper only cover 15,000 SGD (note that there is no insurance available covers 100% or >50,000SGD ). We also couldn't transferred her back to Philippine currently due to the brain swelling.Disclaimer: All of your donation will go directly to the hospital, and I (Jacinta) will update Sheryll's progress every week. Sheryll's family and I appreciate your donation, your every dollar counts!

Update (July 14):

Today I went to the hospital for an update. It has been more than 2 weeks since Sheryll staying in ICU. The biopsy result and CT scan from last week show that Sheryll is having CNS Limphoma on her brain, luckily it didn't spread to other part of her body. This cancerous tumor on her brain is very aggressive and develop very fast. While it is a rare type of cancer, the response of the chemotherapy medicine is usually effective. Like the doctors said, Sheryll is young, we should give her a chance to live!The doctors have already given Sheryll 4 dosages (first cycle) of chemotherapy medicine. They have also lower the sedated level to minimal in the process of waking Sheryll up from induced coma. This morning Sheryll could open her eyes and managed to raise 2 fingers when nurses doing checkup on her. The brain swelling is also started to reduce. With this progress, the doctors are looking into removing the life support system from her in two days, let Sheryll breath by herself.Since the launch of the crowdfunding campaign yesterday (July 13), I received a lot support from everyone and I really appreciate it. Being a single mom, it was very tough and stressful for me to handle my child, work and now Sheryll in critical illness by myself. It was touching to receive a warm message below from Sheryll's family.Sheryll and I have a lot in common: single mom, working hard to support our only child, left hometown to work at overseas, stay strong on facing issues, enjoy to stay fit and look pretty, surrounded by a lot great friends. We even have the same birthday! I am looking forward to celebrate with Sheryll this Friday on our birthday, and I will wish Sheryll speedy recovery for family reunion.Note: warned by the nurse, photo taking are not allowed... I may not be able to take followup pictures until Sheryll leaves ICU. All pictures on this campaign is authorised by Sheryll's family.***Dear BEST HOME Agency, I would like to say thank you on behalf of Sheryll for the fruit basket.***Please see more updates by clicking the "Update" tab!

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