Boyd Park Plus

Boyd Park Plus

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Boyd Park Plus is a new initiative to revitalize Boyd Park (located on Main Street) into the neighborhood’s crown jewel—driven by the Eastside Hill Neighborhood Association Steering Committee.

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Update! On December 1st (Giving Tuesday) we are kicking off our fundraising drive to raise a total of 3.1 million between grants and donations to fund the improvements of the Boyd Park Plus project. 

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August 11, we added in a number of offline donations (cash, checks, etc.) from neighbors as well as area businesses and organizations. (We'll be recognizing these entities soon.) These are donations we've received over the past few months, including some large ones made through matching donation programs. We've also added in money the City of Eau Claire is holding for the neighborhood – funds leftover from fundraising for a Boyd Park bathroom improvement project a few years ago. The end result is that we've surpassed our funding goal! 

Let’s Improve Boyd Park!

Boyd Park Plus is a new initiative to revitalize Boyd Park (located on Main Street) into the neighborhood’s crown jewel. Driven by the Eastside Hill Neighborhood Association (EHNA) Steering Committee, this project will create an active community space of which we can all be proud. The vision is to build a neighborhood green space offering neighbors of all ages an attractive  area to play, stage events, gather, and celebrate. 

Many ideas are on the table, and opportunities for community input are on the way, but some of the major legs of the project will include more and better playground equipment, profoundly improved river access, preservation of the park’s ice skating area, a community garden program, and upgrades to the prairie area.

More details:

How Will We Do It?

Boyd Park Plus is a multi-phase project already underway. The two major phases are 1) development of a conceptual plan, and 2) park reconstruction. Both phases involve many steps and plenty of fundraising. Since the City of Eau Claire cannot begin to consider major improvements to Boyd Park for several years, the Neighborhood Association has decided to push ahead, creating a plan for the park ourselves and raising the needed money through private donations and grants.

Now more than ever, it’s important to offer our neighborhood opportunities to stay active, connect with nature, and strengthen our social bonds – and Boyd Park is a great place to do it.

Let’s build something amazing.

The Neighborhood Needs You!

This is a major project, but Boyd Park Plus is a grassroots effort. Neighbors can step up to the help the effort through donations and volunteer time. Right now, our major need is money for a professional conceptual plan, which will be created by veteran Eau Claire design firm Ayres Associates at a discounted rate. Even so, it’s an expensive part of the process. Our initial financial goal was $10,000 to complete 3-d renderings.  Estimated park constructions is 3.1 million dollars to be funded through donations and grants.

The EHNA Steering Committee is a registered 501(c)(3) and donations to Boyd Park Plus will be tax-deductible!

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