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From Alicia L. Samuels

Sponsors will receive the book in downloadable form when it is ready. Thank you in the name of seed consciousness. Dory Rainbow

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Excerpt from the book.

I am an energy and a kind of massive substance that cannot blend into one another. You cannot experience what the material of this is like e.g. inside a chair. When you travel you will get to know to the maximum that I am one with everything I am able to blend into everything.

This world of form is the world of physical form, but one and the same energy.

Why do ancestors and masters say everything is born of the same thing. The same manifestation of matter.

Until I can see this physical world as an energetic world that manifests in the physical world. A practical experience and the physical experience that we consider to be dead matter is nothing. This is when we go into materiality and everything else does not exist. Not only energy such as e.g. 220 volts or heat, etc.

God is what we cannot grasp as one is all and all energy and the only energy is love.

If we cannot view everything as energy braids, we will live our lives aside from generation to generation, and from era to era.

There came masters, teachers who tried to pass on this knowledge of insights with more or less success.

There were those who had to die who fought for his principles.

In every age, even today, there are fantastic teachers, masters who awaken spiritually and impart knowledge.

But what if billions of souls were to wake up on Earth globally as the vibrations of this planet would change and a change would begin that would affect not only us but our environment as well.

This is the golden age, since there is the ascension in the golden age and this ascension or enlightenment, "this has spiritual sticky feelings ".

Rather, I am just asking everyone to try to rise in vibration to feel more in soul to be more as a person to be more and to move towards God.

Thank you


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