Book expenses fundraiser

Book expenses fundraiser

From Frankie Cruz

NOTE: Please only donate if you have the disposable income to spare. This fundraiser is to help me and my team cover the expenses of making this book as big a success as it should be. Every last cent is appreciated!

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NOTE: Please only donate if you have the disposable income to spare.

Tthis isn't your typical fitness and health book.

There's more than enough books out there telling you what to do and believe... There aren't many out there warning you about what to absolutely avoid.

How many times have you been sold a pill, a supplement, some device you wear, that was supposed to make all the fat just melt away? Except... It did nothing but take your hard earned money and left you wondering what happened.

They tell you it's something wrong with YOU. That you weren't committed enough, didn't work hard enough, didn't use it enough or correctly.

I'm Frankie Cruz, and I'm here to tell you there's nothing wrong with you. The hard truth is... You were duped, either directly or indirectly.

The fitness industry is FILLED with individuals like this. Those who don't know or believe in science and spread mistruths to people, or sell snake oil to make a quick buck off of your lack of self esteem and confidence.

Telling the truth apart from fiction can be hard sometimes. There's seemingly endless articles on the internet about health and fitness, all telling you to believe different things.

That's why I'm writing this book. To expose these people for the frauds they really are. No longer should we stand for being taken advantage of. The lies and misinformation that's spread can get people seriously hurt... Or worse. I can't in good conscience continue to let that happen.

It's not just me, however, who feels this way. As hard as it may be to believe sometimes, there are many wonderful professionals who share the same values I do. So I took the time to put them together for you! To ensure that it's not information from just 1 person who claims to be the ultimate judge of good information. I'm assembling one of the best teams our industry has seen in one place, so you can get your information from multiple individuals who are experts in their fields.

We aren't satisfied with only exposing the frauds within our industry by presenting factual information about the body however. We are also going to expose the psychological tricks they use to sway others to believe them... And how we can help break them free. So they too can get the bodies they deserve.

Who knew properly preparing a book for success could be so expensive, though!

At least, I didn't. That's why I'm having this fundraiser. To help ensure Ithis is the greatest success possible there are certain expenses I can't avoid.

Every last cent you donate will go to the following 3 expenses. Listed in the order they'll be funded;

-An independent editor-A literary attorney-A book publicist

Why an independent editor?

An independent editor, and also proof reader, is vital in our efforts to properly prepare our book proposal, query letter, and other information so we can get a great literary agent.

Why a literary attorney?

Literary agents and publishers work with lawyers who provide them favorable boilerplate contracts. To best lead and represent my team it is incumbent upon me to ensure I have an expert who can help negotiate better terms for us. Additionally, a literary attorney will help these groups know we are not only coming prepared for full transparency and accountability, but sincerely serious about our success. Likewise, with this book having multiple authors a literary attorney will be invaluable to ensure all authors are happy and know every last detail of everything they sign.

Why a book publicist?

This is, in fact, the biggest expense we're going to incur. Once our editor and lawyer are fully paid for their work, all the left over money will be part of our budget for a top PR firm that specializes in books. They can help doors of opportunity the rest of us simply can't by ourselves. They're invaluable to us getting the message and values we all hold dear the type of exposure they deserve. Not only online but in traditional media as well.

I ask you to donate if, and only if, you have the disposable income to spare. Every last cent is invaluable in helping achieve our goal of making this book everything I know it can and should be.

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