Bold Babes Dallas Launch Party

Bold Babes Dallas Launch Party

From Shampaigne Graves

We're raising money for the Dallas Bold Babes Launch Party! A night celebrating young women in business, we want to provide the best night for the young ladies showcasing their passions at the event.

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When I started Bold Babes I just assumed that it would be a small side business that I ran in conjunction with the blogging and influencer work that I did for fun. I had gained an engaged micro following by the time I got the idea for the first few designs of the t-shirts and as I pondered clever phrases and thoughtful quotes; something kept telling me that this venture was going to be a lot larger than just a few quotes on some shirts.

It was when I decided on a name that I also decided that I would create a brand and not just an apparel line. I mean Bold Babe is a really cool name! I just knew that someone had to have already been using it and...they were, kinda.

The domain name Bold Babe was in fact taken but Bold Babes wasn't, a clear sign of the direction of the brand to come. With my new domain, I thought about what I wanted for the vision of the brand, who I wanted it to serve and how I wanted it to impact the world.  

I knew that I had found my fit as a coach and my path as an entrepreneur but I also knew that something was missing. I knew that I was challenged in business but I wasn't inspired by much of the work that I was doing. I knew my purpose was to serve others, and I knew I enjoyed working with young people but I didn't quite feel like I had reached my true audience yet. I leaned on my team of mentors, practitioners, coaches who all aided me in bringing the structure of my dream to life.

I wanted to create a space where young ambitious women could come together and uplift one another. A community where we understood that the world is big enough for all of our dreams. I wanted a group where we could be ourselves, we could talk in the slangs and vernaculars we wanted to and not be judged by our babes, because they know that we run profitable businesses too. I wanted my girls to have access to the same resources I do. I mean my team is awesome and I think that every trailblazing woman should have their own coach... or two.  I wanted to create a large impact, not because I desired the notoriety but because I knew how much it would help the women who invested in the brand. I dreamt, cried, fought and cared for the women who would be touched by this brand before I even met them. All of my time, energy and yes all of the resources went into Bold Babes because I felt so strongly that the world that I wanted to see was one that other women wanted to see too. I told everyone I knew about my new wild and crazy dream and something miraculous happened... they believed me! And those women that I fought so hard for, I found them.

A meager $20 marketing budget, a well used free subscription of Skillshare, a feisty PR major with her own media company and ten incredibly beautiful souls came together to create the beautiful photoshoot for the brand. It was there that that same PR major convinced me to have a party to premiere the commercial we all worked so hard to make happen in less than a week. As I sat at home crying in gratitude for the day I knew again that I had to make something bigger than myself happen and truly reflect the Bold Babes mission of uplifting other women. What started as what would have been a small gathering of friends turned into the launch party I'm asking you to support today.

I am a military brat and I have lived in Dallas for over 13 years but it wasn't until recently that I've truly felt at home in this city. The way my community of Dallas Bold Babes have rallied around me has humbled and inspired me to do everything I can to give all of that love and support right back. Please consider supporting this cause so that we can give the young women who will be attending the event a night to be inspired by and proud of. We are so powerful when we come together and believe in one another.

We are asking that our Bold Babes network and Dallas community rally around us and help to support this launch party that will affect the trajectory of so many young ladies chasing their dreams.

All contributions are flexible and received with gratitude. The event will be live streamed for non local donors and we have a variety of sponsor program benefits available for all of our launch supporters.

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