Proving Bound-Oxygen helps with COVID-19 (helping to prevent and to heal it)

Proving Bound-Oxygen helps with COVID-19 (helping to prevent and to heal it)

From Deon Marais

I am raising money to show and prove our products of Bound-Oxygen help prevent and heal COVID-19 - also to help find the best way to administer our products effectively for all phases of this disease. This is urgent.

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Bound-Oxygen is a small business in South Africa, we have a novel natural way that we stabilize Hydrogen Peroxide, and although our active ingredient is the Oxygen in H2O2 it behaves completely deferent to normal H2O2. 

The ingredients that kill the COVID-19 VIRUS on surfaces is well documented and are used in sanitizers to help stop the spread (0.5% with a contact time of one minute kills the COVID-19 Virus). The problem is that one cannot use the same ingredients to kill the virus inside the body! But we say we think we can, and safely.

This is where we need your help, we need tests done to prove that what we suspect in theory will actually work for this Virus.

The COVID-19 Virus gets a hold first in the Sinuses and Throat and only then spread to the lungs. Our Products can clear the Sinuses, and stop the virus in the Throat. So we know we can stop the Flu this way, so we suspect we can stop the COVID-19 Virus the same way.

We believe the way to stop this virus is that it must never get a hold on your Sinuses or Throat, you have to kill it before you have a sore throat. This is possible with our products. Because of the vegetable stabilizer, the Hydrogen Peroxide only gives a mild burning sensation if there are bacteria or viruses present, otherwise, it feels like water.

So you use it every day as preventative, and more often if there is a mild burning sensation (the sign that it is killing the bacteria and viruses) then you spray more often, till this mild burning sensation stops.

So our Bound-Oxygen products are self-administered and are currently sold in the front shop, there are no known side effects and safe for pregnant women and children to use. 

We already know it works well and gives fast and effective results with any Sinus and Throat problems, now we just need the extra proof needed so it can help even more people.

There are possibly more applications but we need money to research and prove this as well. Please help! 

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