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Bites of Love

From Isabel Kelly

Hello and welcome to the Bites of Love Fundly page! The mission of this community group is to bring experience-based meals to the homeless population in the Santa Monica / Venice Beach areas. See below for more info :)

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Hello and welcome to the Bites of Love Fundly page!For a general mission statement, check out the first video on my Youtube channel ( which explains the project in a little bit more detail, and shows a few clips from the delivery excursions we have gone on so far. 

As the video explains, the mission of this community group has two parts: the first is to bring food to the homeless population in the Santa Monica and Venice Beach area in a way that emphasizes an interactive and engaging experience of preparing and consuming food. Simply feeding the homeless community, however, is not the ultimate goal of this project. The second part, which is the fundamental goal of Bites of Love, is to give a louder voice to individuals in the homeless population of the Santa Monica and Venice Beach areas so that a more holistic understanding of homelessness can be established. This will be done through interviewing homeless people who are willing to speak about their past stories and what they have experienced while living in the Santa Monica and Venice areas.

Ultimately, the goal of Bites of Love is to dissolve the negative stereotypes and perceptions of the homeless community and to create a more holistic understanding of homelessness and of the many different lives that make up this population. I profoundly believe that love is a crucial component in attempting to fix any issue, whether it be on the level of the individual or community, and I don’t believe anyone is unworthy of a simple act of kindness­– especially in the form of nutritious and home cooked food! 

Bites of Love’s goal this summer is to provide 400 meals to the homeless population in Santa Monica / Venice Beach, and the regions of interest may be expanded depending on how the first few meal excursions go. The food trips will be made twice a week, and their success is dependent on a couple different factors related to how the beloved community is willing to get involved...

First off is volunteering! The success of this project will depend on the people who choose to participate, and the effort we put into organizing the food / distributing it. We’ll need volunteers who are willing to spend a couple of hours helping prepare part of the food before bringing it out, and who are ready to spend a few more distributing it in an engaging and interactive way. Ideally the size of distribution groups would be 3-4 people per excursion, but we can never have too many helping hands. In discussing the feasibility of this project with many different people, all have brought up that potential dangers do exist when working with this community due to the fact that some of them may be in the positions they are in because of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. It goes without saying that our work will be done with the highest possible level of caution and awareness of the environments we work in, but like with everything, there are always going to be some risks that come with it. These would be greatly reduced with a larger group of volunteers, so even if you can only help for one day this would be tremendously appreciated.

Monetary donations will also be crucial for the success of this project. Every penny donated to Bites of Love will go towards creating the best possible interactive and engaging experience for the individuals we bring meals to. I’ve attached a link to my Fundly account where you can make online donations of whatever amount you’d like. The monetary goal of this project is to raise $850 which will cover the supplies for the 400 meals, including ingredients, silverware, napkins, and printing supplies for the homeless resource information pamphlets which will also be given out. Meals like guacamole or pasta will be a bit more expensive, and the other supplies listed above will also add to the cost (If after the first few food excursions we find that we need less money for all the supplies, I will lower the goal). Again, the intention of this project is not simply to feed this homeless population but is instead to create an experience for those we work with! That being said, generous donations are very important. Anything you can donate to the Fundly account would be INCREDIBLY appreciated, and I will post photos of receipts, videos of the food preparation, and other posts further describing the mission and work of Bites of Love so you can see how your donations are being used. 

If you are at all interested in volunteering (even if it’s just helping prepare food, or just passing it out) or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to message me. As soon as we get enough people who want to volunteer and enough donations for the project’s materials, we can figure out a day to make the first food delivery. If you want to see how this project evolves throughout the summer, give this page a like so you can receive updates on it, and feel free to give this page a share so other people get the chance to get involved!

Thank you so much for reading through this lengthy post, I sincerely appreciate it and hope that you can become a part of the Bites of Love Project in some way or another J  

Isabel Kelly 



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